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he memories of the

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    May 18
    "Dingling bell Marlboro Lights..." The alarm clock rang, and a new day began. I thought I could see my group of friends who are funny than me today. I felt a little happy in my heart. This is the 20th day of school, and it is also the end of military training. On the 13th day, today ��s class 1401 is not as green as it was when the school started. Classmates have more exchanges than before, and in class, everyone has gradually adapted to the teacher ��s teaching method, and can slowly follow even smoothly. The teacher left, and now Class 1401 is actively showing his courage to the high school. After washing as always, I rushed to the basketball court to participate in the morning exercise. As a sports commissioner, I controlled the speed and rhythm of the entire team. It can be described as a lot of pressure. I only heard the students behind me keep calling: "Run slowly, Run slowly, Instructor Chen. "But I didn't pay any attention to this kind of voice, but did everyone finish the entire journey? Moreover, no one left behind. It shows that it can still run. After the morning exercise, I ran to the cafeteria for breakfast. It was still the familiar breakfast and the familiar taste Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Some classmates eat with a big mouthful, while others have no appetite, waiting for his friends to accompany them to the shop Wholesale Cigarettes. After that, it was early self-study. The books in our class were loud and resounding in the sky. It is said that they also won the praise of the grade group and entered the first class of class time. Master Yi moved out several college entrance examination questions to study with the students. The research is full of joy, and some have already been dizzy. In the second class, Bobby's humor and humor made all the students understand the true meaning of mathematics in the three or four classes in laughter. Teacher Yang gave us patience to speak the ancient text, and everyone listened very seriously. After that, it was lunch. It is worth mentioning that today ��s meals are delicious. After eating, go back to bed and sleep beautifully, preparing for the afternoon class. This is the most fulfilling part of the day. In fact, it is the same every day, but we never feel boring, because there are teachers and classmates, and they give me spiritual support, making me feel fresh every day. And the life experience of the first month of high school must be memorable. Now, the monthly vacation has been taken, but the memories of school life cannot be stopped. All of us rushed to Tongsheng Lake from all over the world to study, talking about one fate, and 54 + 2 kinds of fate together, forming our 1401 class-this huge cohesive group in this first month, Our group has worked together a lot, made a lot of harmony, and made a lot of progress. We have chosen our own class committee. Everyone will do their duty and devote themselves to the collective regardless of everything; we listen carefully in class, study hard in class, and evening It ��s 6 o��clock, and we start learning as soon as we arrive in the classroom. This also makes our achievements far ahead of other classes, and makes every member of our class feel great pride and joy, and I know that this will be my same The beginning of a new chapter in the story, a good start
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