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    May 31, 2019 11:36 PM PDT

    Hey Wholesale Tyler Ennis Jersey , everyone! It’s Jake Collangelo again. I’ve got another review for our home-based series of products. Today I’ll be looking at a subject a lot of parents go through: baby constipation. I’ll be looking at Donna Stark’s ebook “Help! I Can’t Poo”, a book that is full of alternative baby constipation remedies, keeping you from spending precious time and money at the doctor and on medicines that could harm your tykes.

    As always, I want to warn everyone that this is strictly a review site. My goal is to provide an unbiased review of the product at hand in order to give you the ability to make an informed buying decision. If you want to know more about the home remedy for constipation that Donna provides Wholesale Jake Gardiner Jersey , visit her website. Otherwise, stick around for my review!

    Constipation in infants is all too common. Both my kids – Jim and Kate – went through it when they were little. It was painful for my wife and I to watch them without any way to relieve constipation fast except for medications that were not always effective and sometimes had bad side effects. We did not know what to do for constipation other than to wait it out, which can be very dangerous – possibly fatal – for infants and newborns.

    We wished we had come across something like Donna’s “Help! I Can’t Poo” back when our kids were younger and would have benefited from a natural remedy for constipation. Donna is a registered nurse with many years experience in dealing with constipation in infants and child constipation. She knows how painful it can be for a parent to witness their child straining to go but being unable to do anything except cry and feel discomfort.

    In “Help! I Can’t Poo” Donna takes the reader by the hand and leads them through Constipation 101: the reasons for constipation, the foods that cause constipation Wholesale Morgan Rielly Jersey , the signs of constipation, what to do for constipation, and how to stop constipation from ever occurring again. She then gives you a step-by-step guide on her all-natural home remedy for constipation.

    How effective is this natural remedy for constipation ? I can’t speak from my own experience because my kids are too old for it (And too young to have kids of their own, thank goodness!). Let’s hear from a couple of her customers:

    “I have two young boys who are somewhat particular about what they eat and. they are prone to regular painful bouts of constipation as a consequence. After reading Donna’s eBook on Infant and Child Constipation I followed the easy steps Wholesale Frederik Andersen Jersey , using several ideas and remedies, and am happy to say that their bowels are moving much easier: no more straining!”

    Annette, Mother of 2

    “If only I had had this book with my first born. It would have saved us both so much confusion, angst and unnecessary pain.”

    Safina Fergie – Teacher & Mother

    The above testimonials have been paraphrased based on their length.

    While Donna is a registered nurse Wholesale Michael Hutchinson Jersey , sometimes it pays to have a doctor weigh in on a subject (They do get to wear the cool white coats for a reason, after all). Here is what a general practitioner (G.P. for those of us who frequent the doctor more than we would like) from the Land Down Under had to say about Donna’s baby constipation remedies :

    “A comprehensive look into a problem that carries very significant distress for its sufferers… This book provides a good framework for understanding the causes of constipation, and therefore the best multipronged approach for resolving it.”

    Dr. Brian Ambrose, General Practitioner Wholesale William Nylander Jersey , South Australia

    Nearly everyone I spoke with concerning Donna’s natural remedy for constipation had the same to say about it. About the only negative thing I received from it concerned the need to run out and get some things that the individual did not have on hand at the time.

    Also, there was one parent who complained that the fiber formula found in the book actually increased her twin girls’ constipation. I found this strange as no one else had reported that. I got the parent in touch with Donna, and it turns out the parent was reading the instructions wrong the whole time! Her twins now have easy bowel movements and she is both a satisfied customer and parent.

    Let me summarize this with the pros and cons of “Help! I Can’t Poo”:


    – Completely natural remedy for constipation that can begin working within a few hours.

    – A step-by-step guide that will not only relieve constipation fast, but help stop constipation from returning in your children.

    – Comes with bonus features such as a guide on how to massage your baby for better bowel movements and healthy recipes for children with food intolerances.

    – A one-stop place for all your questions concerning child constipation.

    – These baby constipation remedies do not require a medical degree to understand!


    – May have to run to the store to pick up some items you may not have on hand.

    – Make sure you pay attention to the formula amounts and measurements Wholesale Connor Brown Jersey , especially when dealing with fiber!

    The baby constipation remedies in “Help! I Can’t Poo” can’t help my kids any more, but once my grandkids come along it may make a good present for them. I certainly recommend it, but I leave it entirely up to you to make that decision.

    If you want to know more about Donna Stark and her eBook “Help! I Can’t Poo”, then visit Donna’s website. And once your babies are tucked in for the night and having regular bowel movements Wholesale Nikita Zaitsev Jersey , get some sleep yourself! You’ll have earned it, believe me.

    The writer, Jake Collangelo, h

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