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Breitling NAVITIMER 8 AUTOMATIC 41 A17314101C1A1 Men watch

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    November 18, 2019 1:28 AM PST

    Auction report A unique piece of Jacob&Co. astronomy available at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in Saint-Tropez

    This is the third consecutive year that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation held its annual event in Saint-Tropez.Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA SKY AT110.31.AA.WD.A, The highlight of the event was a fundraising auction to benefit the Foundation, which was held on July 26. The foundation exists to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change and to help protect endangered wildlife. Fundraising auctions usually combine a very high-end experience with events, luxury and art. Items to be auctioned this year include a variety of artworks donated for the event.

    The same is true of watches. In the past three years, DiCaprio has auctioned its own Rolex watch, but this year Jacobs Co. (Jacob & Co.) also donated a unique astronomical tourbillon for the event.

    The astronomical sky is a new version of the astronomical tourbillon that shares the latter's four-armed aircraft system. On one arm is a double tourbillon (including the rotation of the entire movement, the astronomical tourbillon and astronomical astronomy is actually a three-axis tourbillon). The other three, in the astronomical tourbillon, are the hour and minute hands (on the gear system, regardless of the rotation of the frame, will remain at the top of the display at 12:00), a rotating globe cut from orange sapphire; And a rotating running seconds indicator. I personally experienced the sky of astronomy earlier this year, and there is actually nothing better than it.Franck Muller Gravity replica watches

    The sky of astronomy is also different from the original astronomical tourbillon, with a part of the dial with a star map with a moving ellipse showing the part of the sky visible at the top of the head during the day or night. The ellipse rotates once per star day and can also be used as a stellar time indicator. For the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Jacobs donated an astronomical version engraved with the DiCaprio signature and stated that “generousness is the key to our future on this planet”. By the way, this special version of the astronomical telescope does not have a sapphire globe. Instead, it uses spherical diamonds, just like the original astronomical tourbillon.

    JACOB&CO. Astronomy gambler

    Jacob&Co. has expanded its iconic Astronomia Tourbillon collection with the launch of the customizable, casino-inspired model, Astronomia Gambler.

    The large complex timepiece was unveiled at the Baselworld International luxury replica watches and Jewellery Fair in March 2018, and a micro-rotor was placed under the watch's sapphire crystal dome. The astronomical gambler has all 37 squares of the roulette on the dial, numbered 0-36, consisting of green, red and black enamel with mahogany inlays.

    To create a true casino experience, the owner of the astro gambler will have the opportunity to choose his lucky number in 37 squares. Then, the main craftsman of Jacob & Co. placed the mother-of-pearl insert in the selected digital slot. The self-manufactured JCAA06 movement promotes the iconic movement of astronomy, and its movement is entirely roulette.

    Once the watch is personalized, the wearer has to consider the endless rotation of the wheel, which reminds people that life is a chance game and people should try their luck until they succeed. Astronomical gamblers showcase Jacob Co.'s unique ability to combine the highest level of watch art with bold and interesting designs. The limited edition is only available in 18 pieces, each individually numbered.replica swiss watches

    This sophisticated timepiece not only has a complex and eye-catching design, but also a gravitational three-axis tourbillon. The staple food in the astronomical series of Jacob&Co. Although originally designed to counteract the effect of gravity on the moving parts of the movement, the system is effective by rotating on three axes: the cage holding the escapement rotates around the balance in 60 seconds, and The rotation is completed in 2.5 minutes and the entire tourbillon completes a complete cycle around the center axis of the watch in 10 minutes.

    With regard to the chronograph function, the timepiece has an eccentric dial with hours and minutes clearly visible, with large Roman numerals and blue hands, which stand out in a colorful background.

    Like other versions in the series, astronomer gamblers also have a striking cosmic world under the glass dome, a painted magnesium earth globe and a special 288-faced Jacob cut diamond that wraps around the dial. The dial was rotated for 10 minutes in 30 seconds. The patented Jacob cut diamond and magnesium blue lacquer globe are decorated with a wheel-inspired timepiece like a lucky charm.Urwerk 106 replica watches

    technical details
    Model: Astronomia Gambler
    Reference: AT150.40.RO.SD.A

    Caliber: Exclusive Jacob & Co., Ltd. fully automatic winding JCAA06
    Diameter: 41.45 mm; Height: 18.30 mm; Parts: 525
    Material: titanium alloy
    Function: hour and minute hands
    System: 4 arms vertical motion, winding
    The center axis is completely within 10 minutes
    Rotating • Gravity three-axis tourbillon, the first cage rotates within 60 seconds and the second cage within 2.5 minutes
    • 1 carat exclusive Jacobcut® diamond: 288 facets that can rotate in 30 seconds
    • Magnesium blue paint globe, can rotate in 30 seconds
    • hour and minute dials, the patented differential gear system Gear maintains a 12/6 o'clock position
    Power reserve: 60 hours
    Frequency: 21'600 vib / h (3 Hz)
    Jewelry: 63
    Finishing: plates and bridges: hand-bent and polished, side-brushed, round-finished, polished sink; hand-polished screws; barrel: round; pinion: tapered pinion, 4 mechanical ball bearing units;

    Diameter: 50mm; Height: 25mm
    Material: 18K rose gold;
    Back sapphire aperture bottom cover: 18K rose gold
    Bow: Rotate and rotate the "bow" through the 18K rose gold on the bottom cover for winding and timing.
    Front cover: enamel, inlaid and rose gold roulette dial; pearl ball white
    Mother of Crystal: Unique hemispherical sapphire, anti-reflective treatment
    Waterproof: 30m

    Titanium, hand polished and angled
    Paint surface time scale
    Pointer: blue surface treatment

    Leather buckle: 18K rose gold folding clasp