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    October 22, 2019 4:54 AM PDT

    Tier 2 Keto  ve trained them they've made their songs for them I don't think they get to write any of their songs true masuo almonds because I read that Lisa likes chocolates and like I feel like they're really big in Korea so I think please write my final look at it done I tried so hard so the crazy one that's eight like Lisa for the rest of the week I ate Korean food I ate Thai food I had a lot of fish and smoothies I also ate just whatever I felt like that was under my collar to be very honest with you if I had to do this diet in America it I go on vacation I gain weight I don't know if you guys have noticed but I've actually gained weight since the erikak austell video I've gained a couple kilos but like you guys I am living my best life and if you can't accept that then I don't really care so that was eating least black/pink start let me know what you guys really 

    Tier 2 Keto  like cleansing and refreshing about it because I feel like you can kind of leave all the junk food leave all the mistakes from the week behind and start afresh so I am pumped for the week and we are going on a big health kick which is what we say every week but it kind of starts on a Monday and then trails off towards the weekend so my plan for today is to make a bunch of healthy snack recipes and I know that you guys really like the video we did last time where I did a bunch of breakfast ideas so I thought I would film it for you guys today so we're doing a bunch of healthy snack ideas they're not like 100% clean but they're like fun alternatives to bad food all right check it out people we have basil we have cheese yes there's cheese in today's video and then this is gonna be our base we're rolling here is it weird that I'm posing like this I mean it like a Stepford Wives oh yeah a line dressing a little apron oh well next time okay