PoE Currency Farming Guide 3.10: Build and Tips

  • PoE 3.11 Harvest has been released for many days, and many players are very confused about how to plant seeds. Igvault has written a detailed PoE 3.11 Harvest Seed Basic Guide to help players experience 3.11 better.

    Chaos Recipe

    During the early part of the race, I collected all the rare gears and did an un-id chaos recipe. I even watched this one guy’s a youtube video on how to stack rares nicely in a quad tab to help with fast and efficient chaos recipe conversion.

    My conclusion though? Don’t do it. It’s an inefficient and boring way to make currency. I’d only do it during the very very early part of the game where I am unable to do mapping, but I am still in level 60+ zone.

    Low tier (white map) divination card farming.

    A lot of people share a method of accruing MT of exalts by farming 1 single map over and over again for that 1 divination card that is worth a ton (namely the doctor card @ burial chambers). It is my opinion that low tier farming is not the most ideal as it does not accomplish multiple things at once(fast leveling, progressing through the atlas, progressing through challenges, making $), and isn’t the most efficient way to create currency either.

    Flipping currency

    I do not recommend flipping currency for the same reason I do not recommend low tier mapping. You don’t accomplish anything other than generating profit (and this profit will be worth nothing at the end of the league). Furthermore, you aren’t even getting any XP.

    Important details

    -Incursion is extremely helpful and I believe it is mandatory if you want to sustain your tier 16 map pool. Try to get the following rooms: item room, strongbox for cartographer’s strongbox, and map room. Again, all you should care about is getting that t16 map to drop.

    -If you have your elder ball, either save it or use your elder ball on a map that is worth more than a guardian map. I did it on a haunted mansion which sold for 30c per piece. Sell for 30c, buy guardian map for 20c, and get 10c extra profit.

    -Sextant is worth using on tier 16 maps, but guardian maps are surrounded by red-tier maps. You will have to use master sextant which costs 4c each. If you start “rolling” your sextant, you may actually lose profit compared to running these maps without a sextant. I sometimes used 1–2 sextant whenever I felt like it, but most of the time, I did not use it. I tested the profit I made from running guardian maps with the sextant, and found slight improvement over running without it (yes, it is better to use sextant). However, I am not fond of having to trade/buy additional sextants whenever I run out of them.

    Uber elder

    When you save enough reserve guardian maps, you can start running uber elder. It may be my superstition but whenever I run a guardian map while it is occupied by an elder guardian, my map drop seems to below. I observed this only in my 40–50 uber elder guardian runs and could be nothing more than just bad rng, but it’s my own superstition. I also noticed that if I run guardian maps, uber elder spawns extremely fast in comparison to spamming low tier maps to spawn elder influence on tier 3 maps.

    Keep running guardian maps until uber elder spawns. You can choose to not spawn elder, and keep farming the guardians, or do uber elder for a chance to gain much currency. If you reach uber elder within the first week of the league, I’d definitely recommend farming uber elder, because any drop from a uber elder is worth a ton especially at the beginning of the league.

    However, farming uber elder will cost you approximately 1 exalted ball (4 fragments), and it’s heavily rng-based. You can either get 20ex+ profit or be left with an elder quiver which sells for 4 chaos. My opinion is that uber elder is very profitable if you are doing at least 20–30 of them in a chain which is why I recommend doing uber-elder when you have enough guardian maps in reserve to fall back to. Also, don’t farm uber elder until you can successfully kill him with 1 set of the fragment.

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