Xenon Joins the Heroes of MapleStory

  • NEXON Europe is excited to announce the all-time 2D-Sidescrolling MMORPG hit MapleStory will probably be introducing the principle hybrid-style character, Xenon!
    Unravel Xenon’s Past
    Once a typical boy going into Edelstein, Xenon was captured because through the genius scientist Gelimer across the Black Wings. Xenon’s memory was erased along MS 2 Mesos while using innocent boy was turned within a loyal member from the Black Wings. It wasn’t only his mind that has been corrupted by Gelimer: his body redesigned with the Black Wings’ evil plans.
    But Xenon has regained component of his past memories should the lab was attacked by Sigmund for that Resistance, who as being a result fights alongside.
    Although the fight with Buy MS 2 Mesos all the Resistance call’s Xenon, his true quest will be to fully regain his memory and rediscover his past.  MapleStory players typically takes part in special stories that could help Xenon regain his memory. What mysterious is often unveiled in Xenon’s adventure?