The prison system in MapleStory 2

  • MMORPG MapleStory 2 developers continue to introduce us to various game systems. It became known that in MS2 there will be a prison system. If you yell good mat at chat (and do other bad in-game affairs), then other players can complain about you.
    And when certain MS 2 Mesos conditions are reached, they will send you to jail. Naturally, there will be trolls who will try to put innocent people in prison, but do not worry, as similar players (system abuser) will also have to answer for such actions.
    In addition, if your friends or enemies are put in prison, then you will be able to visit them (you can get to the prison by ship-boat). And the closed beta test of the project will begin in January 2015.
    MapleStory 2 is a prequel to the original Buy MS 2 Mesos. And the game has been in development since 2010. Even if you do not like PvE, you can fight with players in PvP, ride mount, etc.