Maplestory M: Dragon Master

  • Following a slew of updates on its PC counterparts, Maplestory M also provides a big announcement in the company's own. Evan, the Dragon Master makes his appearance furthermore to a powerful dragon, Mir.
    However, this isn’t all, there may be going to become amount of events which will help you get Evan and Mir become battle-ready for any few in MapleStory 2 Mesos the latest content in Maplestory M. Here would be the events this so take full benefit from this when it's possible to;
        Evan Burning Event  – Through January 17, Evan characters between levels 3 – 75 will likely be given 2 bonus levels every time they level up 1 level
        Evan update celebration – Through January 2, all players is certain to get special rewards including Buff Pets to assist playing the ability
        Evan Growth Support Event – Through January 24, Special Growth Support Boxes, in addition to 3 stages of “Dragon Mount,” Evan exclusive chair and medal receive as players level up present day Evan class
        Christmas Tree Decoration Event – Between December 24 to January 5, players can decorate Christmas trees with ornaments to earn Tree EXP for rewards
        New Year’s Attendance Event – Between Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos January 1 to January 24, players who log-looking for 2 weeks anytime in the case period get Unique Accessory Draw Ticket, Equipment Support Box, pets besides other rewards
        Golden Pig Dice Event – Between January 10 to January 24, players can celebrate Golden Pig Year by obtaining special rewards within the board by rolling dice