Path of Exile: Betrayal’s Atlas Objectives Will Factor New Mast

  • Path of Exile’s update 3.5 plus the new Betrayal League are outside in two weeks. In the meantime, Grinding Gear Games continues to be detailing each new feature coming together with the update. Today, we find out POE Currency about Atlas Objectives. The old Masters have disappeared and been replaced by League Masters like Niko (Delve), Alva (Incursion), and Einhar (Bestiary).

    The different Leagues along with their activities are actually rolled in the core game and still have replaced Daily Missions. The new product is called Atlas Objectives, and showcases different markers within the Atlas of Worlds the place where a Master could be present. They’ll possess a mission accessible in that section, which refresh each day. Encountering Masters randomly is a thing, so don’t worry.

    Atlas Objectives will be each day, but they also can also generate each time a map is done. Depending within the last map run from the corresponding League, the map tier in the Atlas Objective is going to be loosely dependant on it. If an Atlas Objective continues to be added for just one Master however you still have one for any different Master, then your preexisting Master will proceed to a new location.

    Path of Exile’s Betrayal fades on December 7th for PC and December 10th for Xbox One and PS4. The game itself also releases on December 7th for PS4, so keep tuned in for more updates on what’s coming with Betrayal. You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of cheap POE Items online.