Path of Exile improve warp/dash to obtain more in line

  • + Reduce Quant explicits or remove items - After telling us IIQ on items was detrimental to the action in 2014, you added one of the most broken IIQ item social city has been capable to (Bisco's). Get rid of computer.
    + Reduce Sextant radius and excessive stacking through better atlas spacing

    + Increase Zana costs - Not in exalt levels, but 2-3 chaos is absurdly low.
    + Decrease travel distances or give POE Trade an activation time for Whirling Blades, Shield Charge and Leap Slam, or improve warp/dash to obtain more in line.

    + Bring damage skills to Earth. Sunder, Blade Flurry, EK, KB, VPS, Barrage (-1 projectile does nothing as there are many projectile sources), Spectres, Mines (Arc, Glacial Cascade, etc), Dark Pact (yes more damage reduction...).

    + Add PvP damage scaling on Cheap POE Items 3.x items (see Death's Oath, Allelopathy)
    + Cap Projectile Distance
    + Bloodseeker