Path of Exile trivial which has a very DPS focused VP char

  • I never used VP using a main character. I tried it once to discover what the fuss concerned on an occultist alt and discovered it very boring.

     I've primarily played a starforge juggernaut with moderately effective normal leech and possibly ~200K effective physical DPS for your last 5ish leagues.

    I love my self designed juggy and I use POE Currency a lot of fun with him.

    Normal mapping and T16 bosses are a total joy.

    But, he struggled with some with the top DPS outputs of POE Items specific things in farmville, like very highly damage output stacked guardians and alluring/shaper missteps. I don't think this article is tuned well for a post VP world, these bosses were fairly trivial which has a very DPS focused VP char.