Path of Exile hit 100 also it is to the top racers

  • I do not have lvl 95+ characters as of this moment since it's for the better of exping to accomplish. Now I will not even have any, that is sad.

    I understand that going towards the game being a second job probably would solve a better solution, but I play it a lot more than I should already.

    For those complaining they are going to never hit 100 also it is to the top racers and streamers you happen to be right...

     They are rendering it more fun for the people players. Level 100 just isn't meant for casual players... why complain about that in case you werent even gonna Buy POE Orbs hit 95 from the first place.

     They could have remaining that out from POE Trade the nerfs and 99.99% of these player base wouldnt know.

     100 is made for 1337 no life but everybody is making a fuss because around the internet you wish to act like you're 1337 no lifer. Go put your kid to bed and play abyss when it reaches out.