Path of Exile faces a tome Betrayal

  • You’ve just emerged in the Azurite Mine, bloody and laden with loot.

    You’re ready to promote the treasures out of your latest delve, and also you get ready to work with a scroll to teleport you with a nearby town … ignorant that betrayal is waiting about the corner.

    Welcome to Path of Exile: Betrayal, another expansion for POE Items Grinding Gear Games’ online action-role-playing game.

    The update is live now on PC, and it’ll hit Xbox One on Monday. Look for it within the future if the New Zealand studio launches Path of Exile on POE Trade PlayStation 4 (it’s been delayed).

    Path of Exile has become a success for Grinding Gear Games. The online tackle Diablo’s loot-based action-RPG subgenre keeps growing since its 2013 debut on PC.