Maplestory 2 apply it to move to some map

  •  Use the Hyper Teleport Rock to teleport to the majority locations from the World Map.

     You can also apply it to move to some map certainly where an specified character is just as long as they are within the same world and channel.

    You have until 12:59 AM PDT / 3:59 AM EDT / 9:59 AM CEST / 5:59 PM AEST on June 5 to buy these items inexpensively! Be sure to advance them to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos your item inventory to use them as soon since you buy!

        Available in non-Reboot worlds only:
            Hyper Teleport Rock
                Price: 4,900 to Buy MS 2 Mesos NX 3,675 NX
                Duration: 7 days

            Hyper Teleport Rock
                Price: 9,900 NX 7,450 NX
                Duration: 30 days