According to legend

  • According to legend, after the incident of the fox and the tiger, the fox shook a prestige in front of the beast. After this incident, the tiger thought: "Now the fox is the king of beasts, and I am no longer. Now, the animals are not afraid of me, even the face must let him three points Wholesale Ciggarettes..." Think of this, The tiger can't help but sink and tears.e day, the tiger was taking a leisurely walk in the wild, just as he lowered his head and drank water. Suddenly, he heard the fox singing a song and came over. "Oops, the fox is coming, he is now the king of beasts Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, I can't compare with him!" The tiger was shocked and hurried to hide in the grass.this time, the fox is very powerful and is taking a leisurely step. The animals met the fox, but they were not holding their heads and squirrels, but each of them went their own way. From time to time, animals were greeting him! All this, the tiger is in sight. He also heard the fox arrogantly said: "It's a stupid guy. I didn't know if I was cheated. In fact, the animals are afraid of himself, not afraid of me. I want to be the king of beasts! Be a shit That's not bad!"tiger knows that the fox is talking about himself. He is so angry that he slams and slams. He flies past the arrow of Xuan and flies to the fox Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes. The fox said without hesitation: "You see, it is the Emperor! If you kill me, you will be punished by the Emperor!" The tiger was dubious and looked up at the sky, but there was no such thing as the Emperor, and then looked at himself Cigarettes Newport Online. Under the claws, there is not even a shadow. It turned out that when the tiger looked up at the sky, the fox had already flown to the clouds. The tiger regretted it and couldn��t help but sigh: Fox, Fox, why am I getting old? It would be great if I could have half of your wisdom! Then is this king of beasts not stable? With the development of science and technology, China's aerospace industry has also made great progress and new breakthroughs.:37 on June 16, 2012, the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft was successfully launched into the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu Province. Opened another new chapter in China's space industry. This time Shenzhou 9 flew into the sky, shouldering China's realization of its own space dream by step by step. Shenzhou 9 is part of China's first cosmic experimental project. Achieving aerospace manual docking, the astronauts entered the sky No. 1 work, and also the longest experience in the exploration of the universe. The three astronauts here are 46-year-old Jing Haipeng, 43-year-old Liu Wang, and a female astronaut: 34-year-old Liu Yang. This is the first female astronaut in China to fly into space. It is also another major breakthrough in the history of China's aerospace.the launch of Shenzhou V in 2003 to Shenzhou VI and Shenqi, to the No.1, Tiangong-1, and today to the Shenzhou-9 manned spaceship. It can be said that the changes and technologies in the past few years have been advancing by leaps and bounds. China's space industry has created one after that in the future, perhaps around 2020, China will build the International Space Station in the universe. We Chinese can walk on any planet in space Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online, perhaps walking in space, such as leveling, easy. In one breakthrough after another in China's space industry, the future of our motherland is getting stronger and stronger.