This afternoon, our

  • This afternoon, our class took part in the water-saving trip. We had to go to Lianyungang's mother river, the Weiwei River, to collect water samples, then go to Huaihai Institute of Technology to do water quality tests, and finally to interview the Water Resources Bureau. an hour after driving Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, we came to the Wei River. The students saw the turbid river in the distance, and the river was turbid in the sun. It seemed as if someone had put a bucket of green paint inside. Along the wooden bridge in the water, all the way, surrounded by drowning water, the water surface is covered with water creatures such as duckweed, mineral water bottles Newport Online Cigarettes, garbage bags can be seen everywhere Buy Newport Online, students see this scene, have taken pictures with the camera, And said that you must not throw things away, throwing a small piece of paper is not big, but hidden murder Buy Cigarettes Marlboro, how much damage to nature!king a sample of water, we came to Huaihai Institute of Technology. The teacher took us to the laboratory. Everyone noticed: the desks around were filled with bottles and jars, and the experimental teacher squeezed a little on the glass. The water sample was burnt under the alcohol lamp, the water was transformed, and the black robe was put on, and another small watering can was sprayed. The water was replaced with a quick "changing clothes" technique, and the experiment teacher I took a microscope and the bacteria were all in their original form. This time everyone looked at it! So disgusting! They all blame people for littering, and the factory discharges sewage to destroy the water, we went to the Water Resources Bureau Newport Cigarette Cartons. The Secretary Hu Shushu received us. He explained the looming water crisis in Lianyungang City. He said that many people not only waste water but also damage the water environment. A pool, people throwing leftovers and garbage every day, and now it has become a small garbage dump. This has inspired us: water is not infinite, it is not pure forever, why do we hurt the earth? What is left of water?