Today, the topic of my

  • Today, the topic of my speech is "The red scarf is a micro-power Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, and when a hand is extended, there will be a miracle.he green grass is dotted with our campus; the beautiful flowers are filled with the joy of the wind, the songs and laughter, the sound of the book, and the blue sky of the campus. Sanshouxiao is our common home. The clean and tidy campus environment needs to be maintained by each of our young pioneers. order to protect the campus environment of our school, in order to protect our Mother Earth, a few days ago, under the leadership of the team counselor, the students carried out the activities of ��recycling used batteries and promoting low-carbon environmental protection�� Order Newport Cigarettes. From the last semester, teachers and classmates first publicized the hazards of used batteries, and then placed three used battery recycling bins in the school. So far, a total of 2 Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping,470 used batteries have been collected. So at the event, 50 students used the old batteries on the ground to put out the "red scarf, micro-power, one hand, there will be miracles, low-carbon, we have been working hard", several characters, next to the words, there will be a large team to the classmates We introduced the harm of used batteries; everyone participated in it and shouted together: "Red scarf, micro-power, a hand out will have a miracle! Low carbon! We have been working hard!"smates, do you know? Waste batteries contain mercury, lead and other metal substances. If these batteries are not properly disposed of, they will directly or indirectly harm our health. When a button battery enters nature, it will pollute 600,000 liters of water, which is equivalent to the amount of water that a person can drink in a lifetime. If a battery is burned in the ground, one square meter of land can be lost and permanent. The public hazard Super Cheap Cigarette... For more than half a year, we recycled 2,470 used batteries. If the school does not recycle, how much harm these batteries will cause in nature.h a hand out, there will be a miracle! Classmates, when we see garbage on campus, should we take the initiative to pick it up? Seeing that the faucet is not closed, should we tighten it? The red scarf has a slight power. When you reach out a hand, there will be a miracle. From me Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, from you, from all of us, let us be responsible for our own health. The environment in which we live is responsible and responsible for our beautiful earth home. Finally, let us be an environmentalist!