In the third grade, the

  • In the third grade, the group learning activities started. I was assigned to the "Rockets" except me. At that time, our group also had Hu Haiyang and Liao Manni. In this group, although I am not the team leader, I am very happy in this group. Working together, showing... In the next semester of the fourth grade, Hu Haiyang transferred to school. I was assigned to the "Eagle Team". He Liang was the leader of the team. Although He Liangzhen was a little proud and overbearing, I lived very well with the team members. happthe fifth grade, I was transferred to the "Pioneer" group in addition to me, as well as Chen Jingyin, Nie Qingqing, Zhan Yutian, Li Zhiqi, although at first the reluctance of the Eagles, this group except for my other people rarely scored 90 points, but in This group of my life is also very relaxed and happy, although it was Nie Qingqing as the leader of the teamthe middle of the fifth semester, Wu Jieru transferred to our group, and the harmonious atmosphere of our group instantly disappeared. Every week, it was rated as the ��worst group�� Wu Jieru was rejected by our whole groupthe sixth grade, Li Zhiqi became Xiao Hai, Zhan Yutian became Jiang Xingpeng Nie Qingqing became Zhao Jingyi, Chen Jingyin became Huang Wei, I also became the team leader, our group now only Huang Hao and I love to learn a little, other... There is also Wu Jieru, the mouth is the most Marlboro Red 100S Carton... The whole group only I learn a little better Newport Menthol Cigarettes, management, the task of learning falls on my shoulders. There are a lot of envy, my grades are good, but good grades are not good things... I thought I could manage it well, but after three days, I was d to learn in the group, I can use two words to describe - enjoy, the previous group, can be described as happy.ow studying in the group, you can use two words to describe - suffering Cigarettes Types, the current group, you can use a lot of holes to describe ... happiness has been shattered, looking forward to class, school, class. After class and school, I was basically the first to rush out of the classroom, the purpose is to escape suffering..., our group is like a sick old man, ridiculous, dying... Please save our team today, I know that the bee stings will die after classmates, but they don��t know why I just want to find out.ool, I specially caught a few bees for the experiment. After I got home, I poured the honey on two sheets of paper and then put the bees out. Although they hated me, they flew over when they smelled honey. I am lying on it. There was only one honey on one piece of paper, which was just what I wanted. After I annoyed it, he flew around and stopped in my hand. When I shook, it almost fell to the ground. At this time, it caught the attention of another bee, and the two bees stumbled around. Finally, a bee tied me up and one was caught by me. The arm I was tied with was sour and painful, but I also achieved my goal, but it was swollen, painful and itchy. I still can't control the hole, and the bee that I have tied up is really dead. When I saw the needle of the living bee tail Cheap Newports, I found that the dead bee did not have the needle. When I checked the arm, I did not see the needle. When I checked the book later, I knew that the bee needle consisted of a back needle and two abdominal needles. The end of the bee was connected to the large and small poisonous glands and internal organs in the body, and the tip of the needle was barbed. After the bee stings, the barb of the needle will catch the human skin, so that the needle can not be pulled out. When the bee flies away, its internal organs will be pulled or even removed Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, so they will die when they are finished. If they pick up an insect that is ge, and learned scientific methods and analytical methods. After experimenting and checking the information, I finally learned the secret of the bee sting to die.