Standing for one morning, we

  • Standing for one morning, we finally have to go to lunch. The chief instructor��s brain was short-circuited, and actually left us at the training ground to listen to him talking nonsense: ��Students, listen to me before dinner,...�� and then screaming, the Pacific Ocean��s sea level rose.r so much suffering, we finally have to eat. The rice I eat today is still the same as the old one: steamed bread, rice, all kinds of unpalatable dishes and a little bit of meat. But if you don't eat, you have to be hungry. When picking up the hoe and stuffing it into the mouth, the instructor began to call the collection. No way Marlboro Red, let go of the hoe and gather downstairs. We had a half-hour lunch break at noon, and we went back to the bedroom. I touched a little sunscreen on my body and feared to turn into chocolate after going back. Let me put my foot on the bed (a piece of scrap iron) (flat foot T-T)ter the lunch break, we have to go to the training again. We just stepped into the training ground Marlboro Lights. The instructor said a sentence that made us stunned: "The classes play games!" We were very excited to hear this sentence. We finished a few games together, so we sat down with the instructors happily for an afternoon. I thought we were finished in the evening, and we must have a late training. I didn't expect the instructor to say: "There is no late training Marlboro Menthol 100S. It was scheduled to be on the last day of the 'Lion Gala'." We are happy to close our mouths.instructor said yes, we had a party in the hall in the evening. Everyone is very happy, but my butt is sitting on the T-T.ay is the third day. In the morning, all the people in our dormitory have gotten up late. Thanks to the high-handed people who have raised their hands, we wake up in time, otherwise we will be late today. the gathering, we went to the familiar training ground again, and it was still standing and walking. After about half an hour, we went to the cafeteria. The dishes in the cafeteria are old. I still drink milk, and I have nothing to eat.accidentally sprained my foot after finishing the bed. I didn't participate in a series of trainings afterwards (ha, good luck)this way, I will sleep when I come back in the eveningay is the fourth day of our military training. We are about to leave here soon. I don��t know why, we feel particularly wrong when we get up in the morning. We feel that it is no longer so uncomfortable during training. It feels like a kind of enjoyment. It may be because we are about to leave here and start to cherish the time in the military camp.thought that today's training is very large, but in the morning we not only did not train but also watched a French movie, it was so cool. After watching the movie, we started to have lunch. Today we eat the same as before, but also those dishes and a pair of hoes.ter having lunch, our good days are over, and we have come to the training ground. But today God finally opened his eyes - suddenly rainstorms, we immediately hid into the viewing platform. We can finally sit and rest for a while. We waited quietly for the rain to stop, and then went to training. But the heavy rain was not that simple, he continued until five o'clock. When the rain stopped, we went straight into the cafeteria for dinner. It was the last dinner, but the dishes were still so many. If I was at home, I would not eat these things.on't know who said that "the blessing is unparalleled, the misfortune is not alone." Today our blessing is not a double, but a three. We will go to the military lectures for a while, hahahahahahaha, where we can go to sleep, really HAPPY Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes.fter a full sleep, the instructor also let us go back to the bedroom to sort out the items to be taken tomorrow. That is to say, today we can sleep very early, OHYEAH.g back to the bedroom to organize the items, and after washing, we began to sleep.y is the last half of our stay in the military camp. Our mood is morning, all of us didn't devour breakfast as we used to, and we were all slowly chewing, as if we were tasting which memoaving had breakfast, we took a picture with an "unpleasant" mood. After a photo, several girls couldn��t help butto discipline the instructor to sign, QQ number and mobile number Cigarette Online. We set foot on the return bus. In the car, we saw Zhao instructor rushing to us from the canteen with a bag of steamed buns and half a bag of ham. "Come, you are not eating well in the morning... these are slow in the car. Eat slowly." We shed tears again. Our car started slowly, and the five instructors sent us away, and then the instructors slowly disappeared into our vision.