Lions notes: Quandre Diggs wins NFL’s inaugural

  • ‘Way to Play’ award With its new rules attempting to cut down on brain injuries Youth Kenny Golladay Jersey , the NFL is doing all it can to promote what they consider proper tackling form. That includes educational videos on what is and is not a foul and threatening helmet-first contact not only with fines and penalties, but possible ejection, as we saw with Colts defender Shamarko Thomas, who was thrown out of the game last weekend for this hit.Another thing the league is doing is reinforcing and rewarding proper hitting technique. Thursday, the NFL announced on their network show “Good Morning Football” that Detroit Lions defensive back Quandre Diggs won the first ever “Way To Play” weekly award. Here’s how the league describes the award:Diggs won the award not for his phenomenal pick-six that kicked off Monday night’s contest with the Jets, but for a solid tackle he made on Jets receiver Quincy Enunwa. Here’s the segment from Thursday morning:Diggs doesn’t just get a pat on the back for his performance, he’s also rewarded a $2,500 equipment grant to the youth football program of his own choosing. Justin Rogers of The Detroit News has five observations from Monday night’s coaches film (with GIFs!). Solid breakdown of what went right and wrong against the New York Jets. This webcomic is a little too real: Here’s an update on a couple of former Lions/wannabe Lions. Johnathan Hankins has officially signed with the Oakland Raiders. Meanwhile Youth Taylor Decker Jersey , former Lions wide receiver Jace Billingsley was cut from the Patriots’ practice squad. Brandon Thorn did a GIF thread of his own Lions - Jets film breakdown. Needless to say there’s a lot of bad stuff in there, but here’s one good, and one bad play from the Lions’ point of view: What does Glover Quin’s cut in playing time mean for his future? Dave Birkett pulled some quotes from Quin and Matt Patricia this week on the topic. Former Lions offensive tackle Brian Mihalik has a new home: On Friday, MDS raised an intriguing point regarding the replacement of Jim Caldwell with Matt Patricia in Detroit. If Caldwell got fired for going 9-7, what happens to Patricia at the end of a season that has started with seven losses in eleven games?Not a thing, would be the answer.Yes, it’s been a little rocky at times for Patricia. But he’s working for a franchise that for 60 years has largely stunk. In 2016, the Lions celebrated the 25th anniversary of their last playoff win Youth Christian Jones Jersey , which really isn’t something to celebrate but lament. This year, the Lions celebrated the 25th anniversary of their last division title, which means that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — who left the NFC Central 16 years ago when it became the NFC North — has won the Lions’ division more recently than the Lions have.Starting with the hiring in 2016 of G.M. Bob Quinn, who strongly considered replacing Caldwell at the time (presumably for Patricia), the Lions began a dramatic reshaping of a franchise that has been among the most dysfunctional in the NFL for decades. Patricia’s arrival brings that culture change directly to the locker room, and to the media covering a traditionally underachieving team. Remember the stupid take from the offseason program that Patricia risks losing his team because, egads, he’s making them run? Given that Patricia carries with him years of experience on how things get done the right way in the most successful NFL program of the salary cap (or any) era , maybe his effort to migrate Massachusetts to Michigan should get the benefit of the doubt, at least for the first year or two.Patricia hasn’t helped his own cause at times, chiding a reporter for slouching during a press conference (that one should have been handled privately) and getting salty with the media when pressed for answers regarding a decision to practice in the snow, even though the team won’t face the prospect of playing in the snow until the middle of December. The best explanation for the behavior is this: After 14 years of working with Coach Doom, it would take some time for anyone to shed the Belichickian crustiness that becomes easy to pull off with so many pelts on the wall.With 52 Super Bowls played, the Lions have no pelts on the wall. They haven’t even played for a pelt, and they’ve rarely played in the game that would give them a chance to play in the game that gives out the pelts. Patricia brings with him the DNA of a team that has won five championships since 2001.So it’s going to take some time for a coach who knows how to win the biggest games to help transform a team that can’t even get to the biggest games to instill the habits, attitudes Detroit Lions T-Shirt , and discipline that will make the Lions competitive.But the clock will be ticking loudly, because those who resist change will resent Patricia unless and until the team starts to win. And if the team doesn’t start winning sooner than later, those who would prefer to return to the days when something far less than mediocre was deemed to be acceptable will get their way.