Report: Falcons to cut 2017 fourth round pick Sean Harlow Sean

  •  Harlow was supposed to be the future at guard for the Falcons , if not as a starter, then at least as an athletic and talented reserve. That may still come to pass—the Falcons could sneak Harlow onto their practice squad—but the possibility seems remote at best now.Per D. Orlando Ledbetter at the AJC, Harlow is expected to be among the Falcons’ 37 roster cuts between now and 4 p.m. tomorrow. Harlow had fallen behind 2016 sixth rounder Wes Schweitzer and versatile reserve Ben Garland, to say nothing of starters Andy Levitre and Brandon Fusco, and the Falcons simply didn’t think he was worth keeping around as a fifth guard on the active roster. Barring a return to the practice squad and 2019 relevance, Harlow will go down as one of the relatively rare whiffs of the Dan Quinn era. As a fourth round pick entering his second season with Atlanta, it’s sort of astounding that the Falcons are washing their hands of him so quickly, even if Harlow has admitted he struggled with the transition to guard. Considering Brian Hill is also gone, Duke Riley has had his scuffles, and Eric Saubert is still a work in progress, 2017 won’t go down as one of the team’s great draft classes unless Takk and Kazee become all-world.I thought Harlow had a solid summer, based on reports out of camp, but it wasn’t enough to push him onto this roster. It sounds like fellow guard competitor Jamil Douglas won’t make the team, either. We’ll wish him well Black Deion Jones Jersey , wherever he winds up, and I’m still hopeful he’ll make it to the practice squad and resurface a year from now. Given both the need at guard around the NFL and the team’s willingness to cut ties with him, though, I can’t predict he will with any confidence. The buildup to Suso’s goal and equalizer against Real Betis was a perfect illustration of everything that’s frustrating with Gennaro Gattuso’s Milan. There is a lack of style and few ideas about what their identity is beyond “get the ball to Suso and hope that he does something good.” Before the goal, the ball was switched from left to right, with Mateo Musacchio then passing it back to Franck Kessie in the middle. Kessie then returned the ball to Suso on the right. Suso looked to go upfield but was quickly surrounded by multiple defenders. So, he passed it back to Kessie. Kessie turned to the left, and finding no options on that side, turned back to the right and gave the ball back to Suso. Suso, surrounded again, sent it back to Kessie. Throughout the entire second half, the ball consistently went out to Suso, and while it’s smart to get the ball to your best players, Milan were passing to Suso so much for the same reason that they had in every other game: The team was in danger and needed a savior. No one else has been capable of creating anything this season but him. When Giovani Lo Celso committed a foul a few seconds later that gave Milan a freekick at the right edge of Betis’ box Black Grady Jarrett Jersey , it was always Suso who took it. Suso’s freekick was supposed to be a cross, but the ball was too high for Ti茅mou茅 Bakayoko, who missed it by inches, and it instead dropped perfectly into the bottom left corner of the goal. Lucky goals happen all the time, but this has become commonplace for Milan. They don’t have a plan, and their saving grace this season, as it was in the game, is Suso.It’s no secret that Suso is Milan’s best player. Most of their attacks go through him. But Milan isn’t built as a team to maximize his strengths through a system. Instead, they need Suso to bail them out because no one else seems to be sure of what to do. When this non-plan plan works, it’s not that it was designed to, like Real Madrid was when Cristiano Ronaldo was there. Suso just happens to be good enough to hide the flaws of the team that he has to carry every game. Suso doesn’t often get chances to score because the ball was worked out well to him. He has to create those chances himself, often by making space while being marked by multiple defenders as his teammates stand and watch, hoping that he succeeds. Milan’s ineptitude is made more glaring when they face a team that has an established style of play. The score between Milan and Betis ended 1-1, but Betis Black Logan Paulsen Jersey , especially in the first half, played around Milan and were able to create numerous scoring opportunities. Not because Betis had the better players, mind you, but because they seemed to have a plan of attack, an idea that they should play a quick, possession style of soccer that moved the ball quickly from defense to attack. Their Midfielders had an almost telepathic understanding of where each other would be, and the ball went out to the wings to be crossed for whoever was filling the space in the middle. The deceptive score line says that Milan and Betis drew, but Betis can look at what they did and justifiably say that they executed their ideas well, and that it took a lucky freekick for them to drop two points. It’s a wonderful thing to be lucky, but having a plan and executing it is much more reliable. Milan can only be thankful that Suso that was able salvage a point for the team on Thursday. He may not deliver next time.