FIFA 20 will be an iterative upgrade

  • FIFA 19 was one of the biggest recent improvements in the FIFA franchise, with the kick-off sequence completely revamped, and Alex Hunter journey to Champions League star culminating in a thrilling third year of The Journey. For FIFA 20, there is no fourth year of Alex and the Hunter family, nor are there the huge revamps we saw in FIFA 19. Instead, it seems FIFA 20 will be an iterative upgrade, although several new match types and gameplay improvements may go some way to pick up the slack.


    FIFA 20 is the 27th edition of the annual FIFA franchise developed by EA Sports. First published in 1993 and annually since, it allows you to play various types of soccer matches. In FIFA 19, the franchise gained the rights to use the Champions League name and, in tandem, launched an entirely new kick-off experience that tracks historical performance per match type and opponent strength.


    With the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Finals coming up in August, the lifecycle of FIFA 19 will be pretty much over, with fans having to wait until FIFA 20 is released. FIFA 19 was praised on it's release in September 2018, but over the course of its life, there have been a number of issues that have arisen, particularly with the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. Players have complained about the randomness and inconsistently of the gameplay, including things like kick-off boost, broken tackling, timed finishing, input lag and more. But, with FIFA 20 due to come out soon, EA SPORTS have revealed a few details about the new game, with the hope that some of these issues will be addressed.


    Lionel Messi inspired one of the key changes to be introduced on FIFA 20, set-pieces. For far too long, gamers have been frustrated in their attempts to bend one in from 25 yards out. Now, there is a new aim and spin feature which allows players to whip a free-kick around the wall like the Barcelona great. Cristiano Ronaldo fans won’t be disappointed either, you can also hit an unstoppable knuckleball.


    New penalties have been introduced with the same aim/direct mechanic to reduce error and make it harder for goalkeepers. There is a massive focus on attacking play in the new FIFA 20 and as such, more one-vs-one scenarios come into play during games. In the main, it will favour forwards when up against defenders. So if Mohamed Salah outpaces David Luiz, there is a good chance now that Liverpool Egyptian King will burst through on goal (whereas in FIFA 19, the defender can easily catch-up).


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