Have you deliberately avoided the path of exile?

  • What happened on the path of exile? ARPG is constantly filled with new content-the following content appears in "Path of Exile" in the form of "Harvest Alliance". In this league, players collect the seeds found in the adventure. Then plant them in the woods and provide life energy, so monsters that need to be defeated will eventually grow POE Currency from them.

    The league started on PC on June 19 and a week later on PS4 and Xbox One. Such expansion has always been a major event for many players. The sprawling expansion in March set a new record.

    What is amazing? It seems that Blizzard specifically chose the path of "Exile" here. The start date of the POE Harvest Alliance is June 2. It was not until June 9 that Blizzard officially announced the end of the season.

    Therefore, players who like "Path of Exile" and "Diablo 3" do not have to choose one of the two major events in the game. On the contrary, in theory, they can play The Path of Exile for a week or two before switching to Diablo III. Therefore, you will not split the ARPG audience.

    How the 20th season works: The current 20th season of Diablo 3 begins on March 13, 2020, along with the del extra elements of "Path of Exile". And criticized players. Players predict that D3 will have a "ghost season". Blizzard was accused of "crazy"-they should have started the season at another time.

    At the time, the Diablo community manager explained that the season could not start earlier. This is important in order to be able to make the latest bug fixes or balance changes. She wrote that such overlapping appointments may happen again and again. "This is more unfortunate than anything else." (via reddit)

    It seems that you don't want to have an unfortunate coincidence at the beginning of Season 21, now you have to create space to avoid overlap.

    Testers still have questions about Diablo III's season 21. Buy Chaos Orb is a problem for them. In single-player games, this is currently very powerful, while in other places it is too lax.