China Curtain rod Manufacturer Tells You How To Sew Unlined Cur

  • If you’re planning on sewing lined curtain panels there are a few additional steps provided by China Curtain rod Manufacturers to follow.

    Step 1

    Complete the first 3 steps listed above. Once you have unpicked the stitches you will see the lining material was sandwiched between the seams on each curtain panel. When pinning the vertical edges be sure to keep the lining free and out of the way for now.

    Step 2

    Follow step 5 being sure not to sew the lining. Once you have finished sewing and ironed this new seam flat, place the folded edges of the curtain panels over the top of the edges of the lining.

    Step 3

    Fix everything in place using a vertical stitch that is around a 1/4 inch out from either side of your seam (you can pin the lining to the curtain panel prior to sewing if desired). Be sure that the lining is caught under these vertical stitches.

    Step 4

    Finish connecting your lined curtains by completing step 6 (above).

    When sewing curtains panels together it’s important to take your time to ensure a professional finish. Preparing the fabric prior to sewing and ironing along the way will make the task much simpler and rule out any possible complications.


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