Suggestions Given By Curtain Pole Specialist


    Curtain draping techniques are easy. You can use bulk fabric by the yard to create window scarves, or you can use standard curtain panels.

    Follow these tips to ensure a perfect look.

    1. Measure
    Use a spool of string to mimic how you’ll drape your curtains. Account for where you want the curtain to fall and the number and depth of swags you wish to create by looping the string around the curtain rod. Then, cut the string and use a measuring tape to determine how much fabric you need.

    2. Fold
    If you’re using a curtain panel, you can either fold the curtain in half widthwise or create 1 to 3-inch pleats depending on the look you want to achieve. Secure the folds or pleats with safety pins.

    3. Drape
    To create one swag, drape the fabric over one end of the curtain rod. Hang the fabric in front of the rod in a ‘U’ shape. Then, drape again over the other end of the rod.

    To create multiple swags, fold the curtain over the center of the rod. Then drape each side over the end of the curtain rod.

    4. Adjust
    Now, adjust the depth of the swags to your liking. Let the fabric fall to the desired length on both sides of the window. Lastly, remove the safety pins to complete your window

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