Hang Curtains with Command Curtain Hook

  • How to hang curtains without holes using command Curtain hook-great idea for renters or students who don’t want to put holes in the walls!

    4 Jumbo Command Hooks
    Plastic Primer Spray Paint (optional)
    Lightweight Curtain Rod
    Lightweight Curtains
    Metal File (optional)
    Bolt Cutters (optional)

    Purchase 2-3 jumbo command hooks per window. Pick a finish that is the same as the curtain rods you will be hanging.
    Clean wall surface where you will be applying hooks with rubbing alcohol and clean cloth or paper towel. Clean gently, rubbing too hard can remove the paint. Allow to dry.
    Mark the placement of the hooks. Generally you will place one 3-6 inches outside of each outer edge of the window along with one in the middle to help bear the weight. If hooks are too tall trim according to directions in the notes below.
    Separate the strips of adhesive and remove the red liners. Press the adhesive to the hook. Remove the black liners and press each hook to the wall for ten seconds.
    Slide the hook up and off the adhesive base and press the base an additional 30 seconds.
    Allow to sit one hour before continuing.
    Gently add curtains and curtain rods to the hooks.

    If necessary, use bolt cutters to trim top of command hooks. This is only required if you want them to hang at ceiling height. Use a metal file to smooth the cut surface.
    Tape off the front of the hook and clean with rubbing alcohol. Use plastic primer to paint the back of the command hook and finish with a paint the same color as your wall if desired.

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