Why women don't have body hair

  • Lice go into a state of suspended animation underwater, surviving this way.DO LICE ONLY LIKE DIRTY HAIR? It is believed that lice prefer clean hair, but that doesn't mean they don't like dirty hair - they like any hair. It is also not true that only poor, white people catch them.Dihydrotestosterone (considered by medical circles the strongest, most potent form of testosterone) is responsible for building and growing body hair in men (at normal levels - an excess causes hair degeneration.) This includes body hair, pubic hair, head hair, armpit hair – any hair. DHT is directly produced in the skin, made to work by supporting enzymes that break it down for distribution throughout the body. DHT levels are present more in certain areas of the body than in others – explaining why we may have a full crop of hair on our heads and little bushes of hair on our chests and backs. Realize, women also have DHT in their bodies but produce less of it. That explains why women don’t have body hair. Case in point: an excess of DHT is prevalent in Andropause sufferers, explaining the reason for hair loss. The enzyme used to break down testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is ¨over activated¨ - working too hard and too fast. This is the primary cause for this Andropausal condition.As aforementioned, dihydrotestosterone is present more in certain areas of the body than in others. For this reason, men’s hair can fall into funny patterns. Hair removal for men is slowly achieving significance thoughearlier women more popularly opted for such treatments. This is no longer thecase presently since men are also slowly becoming more conscious about unnecessarybody hair. This is probably the reason behind fame of laser hair removal inLondon and this presently occupies the position of one of the most popularcosmetic procedures. Laser hair removal for men is slowly achieving popularitybecause of relative ease that is attached with this form of hair removaltreatment. Compared to other measures for hair removal for men, this procedureis quick and at the same time, pain free. Though there are few other methods aswell apart from usage of laser, users in this case may fail to acquire desiredresults. Participate now and Click here yneed.co.uk to buy wigs uk