Rediscovering Fun in WoW Classic

  • In World of Warcraft GameSpy, it's possible to see NPCs and objects at a distance in the game world when in PvP or PvE combat. However, if you play solo, all you'll be able to see are what's in your character's "View Distance" set to the default "Medium".

    The official MMO Dark Age of Camelot seems to be making some great strides in improving this in their upcoming expansion, Heavensward, as it now shows NPCS not only at a distance, but in two different forms: Running (blackbox) and a much higher resolution version that actually shows them on the screen. Now, the race bonus for being a dark elf is also broken. Dark elves and dark elven characters will only show up.

    I think you need to Buy WoW Gold Classic and Buy WoW Items to defeat some replica bosses