• I used to be a child who was chasing stars. Because of the twelve teenagers, I changed. April 8th, 2012, I am grateful for this day, exo officially debuted. At first glance, I saw the deer pot Newport Cigarettes Website, because I didn��t know them, so I really just liked it. Later, I was really Fall in love. Because Fanfan, I know what is ace, because Luhan, I know that Beijing��s men can also be so obvious, because I know that one person can really shoot dozens of photos. Because of tao, I know that dark circles are not necessarily dark circles, but also may be lying silkworms. Exo Chinese nationality member Lu Han, who was discovered by a scout when he was shopping in Myeongdong. After a year of practicing life, he debuted.ant to learn from Deer, insist on my dreams, and work harder. I believe that I will succeed.r three years of college entrance examination, a ladder to catch up with exo, some people will ask, what do you mean by catching up? Seriously, I don��t know for myself. What I know is that I want to guard them for a lifetime and love them for a lifetime. I will spend the rest of my life with them. I will look at the door of sm and look at the deer, the white one. Harmony, I think, maybe this is what I am all looking forward to in addition to studying in the college entrance examination Carton Of Newports.reone, their slogan, we are one. Yeah, dear twelve, our planet rice will always be with you Cigarettes Cheaper.ope that I will try my best to do everything, not to be the best, just to be better, because weareone! ! sons of Heaven, you take our love and fight in another country. We believe that you represent the image of our Chinese in the land of a foreign land and keep going Newport Cigarettes. Remember, Planetary Rice is always behind you, making silent contributions. You are a group of teenagers who are wrapped in love. Remember, with all the dreams of Chinese rice Marlboro Lights, go on together, heaven is at any time and anywhere.