Before I left my

  • Before I left my hometown, the farthest place I had been in the county was that I was hospitalized in the county because my uncle was sick, and took me to visit my uncle. I remember, when I was five or six years old, it happened to be the Dragon Boat Festival. The day was still not bright. I called me up, took me for an hour on the mountain road, and then sat for more than an hour. The shuttle bus, when we arrived at the county Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, the day was just bright. I took my luggage and held me in one hand, and I ran trot along the way Marlboro Lights Online. At this time, I took me to a restaurant (later known as the largest restaurant in the county, Sanba canteen), I asked for two bowls of glutinous rice and four fritters. I learned how to lick the fritters in the oysters. Suddenly, the hot fritters were soaked in boiling water, and the intoxicating scent came over. This is the happiest Dragon Boat Festival that I have grown so long. I am enchanted by this happy life. Since then, the ideals of my life have been determined. Ten years later, when I was admitted to the county town, the teacher asked us to write the first essay "My Ideal". I wrote: My ideal is to grow up and let the fish fritters. With this ideal, I walked out of the county town, wandering the land of the world, had many festivals, ate a lot of big meals, and saw many as many officials and nobles, but I still can't forget which steamed noodles. Because my sister had a birthday, I ran to the cake room early in the morning. I didn��t expect that the business of the cake room was so hot. I have to be at the end of the team. After a while, there was a loud noise in the team. Some people kept whispering. I curiously turned back. The team behind me, one person looks like a sly, ragged, dirty, and From time to time, it makes a stink. Everyone else was disgusted to look at him Newport Box 100'S. Some people even moved their steps. They tried to entertain the guests from the store in his far away shop. They drove the cockroach and rushed. The face rose red and whispered: "I To buy a cake, the smallest kind." It happened that the store owner came back from the outside and immediately greeted him with a warm greeting Marlboro Usa Price, and took a small and exquisite cake from the cupboard and handed it to him. "Thank you for your kind attention, welcome to come again." He was flattered, picked up the cake and ran away. He wanted to know where he had received such a high courtesy. After he left, some people began to whisper in the team. The person who is not afraid of things asks the boss: "Why are you so enthusiastic about you?" The store owner explained: "Although he is a beggar, he is also a customer. Like you, he worked hard to get money for eating our cake. It��s really moving. How can I not personally serve him? I don��t know who asked: ��Since he is so pitiful, why should he collect his money? The store owner said: ��He is here to buy cakes. It��s not a beggar. Of course, we must respect him. If I don��t accept his money, it��s just the voice of his insulting shop owner��s voice, and there��s a burst of applause in the cake room. After a long time returning home, the bakery The boss��s words have been echoing in my mind. I suddenly remembered a book I had seen before. There are some words in the book: the idea is a person with temperature, like a cold winter encountering a warm winter. Yang, dazzling just right, comfortable just right. And I think that the shop owner is that warm sun, he is so soft and passed through our layers of wrapped hearts. Because of his existence, our The world is not so desolate and lonely Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale.