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  • I want to meet people like you, such as the refreshing wind in the mountains, like the warm sunshine of the ancient city. This is probably the third time I have read this book about youth interpretation. For me, it is also the third time I silently ask myself, the long dam on the beach, have you picked up your own youthful shell, even if it looks It's not so glorious, maybe it's still so rough, ask yourself if you really picked it up. It is said that the 18-year-old youth is pale, without a little color, is pure and purposeless, just like a newborn baby, crying and laughing are so real and natural. And I am always on a rainy day, thinking about some of the things about memory, like raindrops and beads, turning the original unclear shadow into a real photo, the opening of the scene, the closing of another scene. Then, once and for all, it melts into the soil and no longer appears. They said that this is what youth should look like, the shadow, the memory that belongs to you only Newports 100S Price, like the thunder of rumbling, the temperament and rhythm are unique to you, the memory of your youth can not be copied, can not be re-like drama I have been there Marlboro Red 100S For Sale. Yes, in those years, we laughed, laughed and danced, and laughed and forgot everything. My mom said, your life, your youth, this time, no matter the front is a thorn, it is a smooth road, at least you have to know your own youth, you have really come, you really walked, many years later There is no regret when I think of it. I am very useful, I always remember, I also began to really understand, this romantic stone arch bridge, you really have to go well, you may be entering the town of Jiangnan Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa, the smoke and rain, may be vast grassland, innocent and vast Your own story, your fairy tale, just your way, you have to go by yourself, you want to go and go, don't have to look back, every day is looking back, as long as you want, the south wall is in front, breaking it, and What regrets Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, even if the head is broken. If you think too much about youth, you will become more and more lonely. The more lonely you are, the more you will be overwhelmed. Think about why you should overdraw your future. Why do you look at the lights and make mistakes? Just think that the wine of youth is strong. I drunk myself on the hills, drunk in the sunset with dandelion flowers, until I woke up, watching the clouds of white clouds and dandelions come together and shrouded myself Marlboro Red 100 Carton. The drunken youth looks like you really look like this, the travel that says to go, does not need luggage, as long as, your heart, can see the stars above the head under the dark night sky, then trek, cross the interpersonal . In fact, every time you are sure how far you are from your destination, then an elderly old man tells you that the child has such a long distance from yesterday, today, tomorrow, the destination of your life.