In the morning, the sun

  • In the morning, the sun always came in after I opened the door. It seemed to be a long-awaited guest, but it was indeed sitting and walking. When he bowed his head, the feet of the sun, inadvertently moved past the door, and slammed the door to the next door. The clothes hanging in front of the door are no longer bathed in golden sunshine Newports Wholesale, but with a trace of deserted cold, floating in the wind in the small village of the sea, a three-story building, the sun is not awkward, the four seasons The wind is also hunting and scraping. The mountain is running a huge windmill and waving three giant arms. It seems to remind people at all times that when the time is leisurely and ruthlessly away from the first day, it is shocked by the windmills everywhere. A row of white giant wheels rushes from afar. Come and whistle, it seems to be able to hear its gasping, hehe. Standing at its feet, its ruthless arm splits the sun and casts a shadow on your face. In the twinkling of an eye, you seem to have been split many times. There are always rumbling waves in the evening. I don��t know the sound of the plane passing through the clouds. Or is it the real wave, coming from the shore, or just the wind and the wind at night Buy Wholesale Cigarettes. The windmill was shrouded in the night, only the red color of the heart, flashing and flashing, flying from here to the place like a huge firefly, and flying back again, the mountains are shining with dark red light, and the stars of the sky shine. This is the most edge of the village, so when looking at the windmill, there is only a black one on the ground. There is no light but a little bit remote, but it is a beautiful place. The undefeated wildflowers of the year are so open and unrestrained. Various colors, unknown flowers, rushing in groups, I want you to say hello happily, purple flower calamus looks dignified, brilliant yellow flower cassia tall and tall, warm and hearty like the northern female, white The little daisies squatted on the net-shaped flower umbrella like a shy little aunt. When the boys were eating, the boys had a table and the girls had a table. The rice is in its own bowl, one small soup bowl, warm as a family. Who is late, will use the phone to urge again and again: eat, come, eat actively! The seat is certain, but sometimes the number of the two tables is not uniform, the table is repeated when people are less: sit here There are fewer people here! Most of them are boys and there are fewer people. So some people used to sit at the table, but sometimes, the late arrivals had to be crowded with the girls, so everyone went to their side to let them go. With so many people eating together, the food is particularly fragrant, although the daily dishes are simple four dishes and one soup. While eating, talking about happy and unhappy things, a lot of information was exchanged at the dinner table. In addition to the meal time, everyone was busy after the National Day, came a small public offering. Mother��s maternity leave is over, bringing the child over and bringing her husband. So the number of people who have eaten has increased by two. A tall, thin and thin father, a small public light that can't be eaten. Whoever eats first, whoever holds the little baby; when everyone finishes eating, they rush to hug. One by one, stretched out his arms, opened his arms, and tempted him. This little publicity has personality and is very serious Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. Look here, there is no way to say that sometimes the small public is held on the stone bench under the shade of the trees. The wind blew slightly, and the dense leaves kept the bright sun out Cigarettes Sales, like a green pavilion. Everyone around the cute baby, you pinch your face, I shoot afraid of the buttocks, the small public is actually sinking, but frowning, not crying, no laughing, not laughing, a look of contemplation. Deliberately provoked her to be angry, blindfolded her eyes and let her sleep. She was really furious. The mouth screamed hard, the nose and eyebrows wrinkled more tightly, and the face was red. The mouth sighed out and vented her anger. The expression has never been vivid, but it has made everyone laugh because the clothes in the room are not exposed to the sun, and a clothesline is pulled up in the corridor. After eating, everyone discussed how to pull better in the corridor, not only to the sun, but also not to be blown by the wind. This morning, the rope has been drying a lot of clothes, and the rope has fallen heavily Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. The baby's sailor dad, began to frown and think of a way, in the middle plus a rope pulled up horizontally... just do it. The benefits of the tall man are obvious, and the sailor's hands-on ability is not covered. It is added three times and two times. The clothesline becomes the shape of X, and the whole rope is lifted up. The young sailors also added a lot of small rings to the wire. They can hang the hanger directly on the ring. It is not easy to be blown away by the wind in the afternoon sun. A bunch of colorful clothes fluttering in the wind, long and short, will soon be dyed. On the fragrant smell of the sun, life is also a bit more affectionate and comfortable.