I don't know how many

  • I don't know how many people are like me. As long as it is not a special situation, I basically don't like to make voices when chatting online with friends. I like to have texts that my friends don't understand. It is more convenient to speak directly. What do you think of when you think about it? If you can explain the things in white, you have to write a big story and spend more time. I said that everyone has their own preferences. You can communicate with me in the way you like. I just choose the way I like to communicate with you. Then there is a dialog box with my friends. A scene of a line of text. But I am a person who is not so willing to spend too much time listening to the voice, so basically I will convert the voice into words. In fact, to be true, the voice is indeed easy to understand, but it must be said that some emotions can not be expressed through simple words, but can be reflected in the complicated texts to enjoy the process of discretionary words. A word, a word, and even a punctuation mark have their own meaning. A slight deviation can't reach that meaning. In my opinion, the text has temperature. When the pen tip leaves the text on the paper, it will stay. I have a temperature. In this regard, speech is irreplaceable. This is why I prefer to go to the library and bookstores to read books because I use the mobile phone to download e-books. I feel very comfortable when I hold a physical book, especially when I am immersed in the atmosphere and I am immersed in the text. When the people around us come and go, this feeling is difficult to describe. People who have felt it may feel something. Some people say that I am a person who does not know how to be romantic. The word "romantic" is expressed in my dictionary. High, and an average girl only needs five layers. I really don't know what the meaning of romance is Buy Discount Cigarettes. I have only done things that I find meaningful. These things may not match the word romance, but they can make my life have different meanings. For example, I have the habit of writing postcards and writing letters. Every year I write letters or write postcards to distant friends. The stationery is very thin, but it can carry heavy greetings and blessings. My postcards have always been sent to people I think are worth cherishing. If I am in the distance, I will send it to my hometown. If I am in my hometown, I will send it to my friends in the distance. I can��t express my gratitude. I can write it on paper and stuff it into the mailbox. Let it ride on the wind that is consistent with the body temperature of the letter, and the heart of the sender will float into the palm of the other hand. I don't need the other person to reply in a courtesy manner, but if I really reply, I will be very happy. The feeling of unpacking the envelope, seeing the other person��s touching strokes, is a voice that can��t be replaced, especially when you see the words ��see the letter�� in your friend��s pen. I feel that the other person is seriously looking at the eyes of you. I can also imagine the scene where the other party wrote to you: the other person may be sitting in the dark light of the dormitory, perhaps sitting in a crowded bookstore, perhaps stumbling on a bumpy bus, perhaps hiding somebody A tea shop and coffee house on the corner of a strange city Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, perhaps, the other side is right next to you, in front of you Carton Of Marlboro Red 100S. No matter which one, it is undoubtedly a kind of surprise, suitable for the surprise of collecting properly. In order to collect such a kind of surprise, I specially bought an iron box for postcards, which will never open Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S, only when I receive new ones. Take it out when you write. As time goes by, the iron box, together with the paper inside, will grow up with me as I grow up, turning yellow and old, but the friendship inside will not fade. Oh, when it comes to postcards, I sent postcards to some friends today. Some of these friends are old friends who have known each other for many years, and some are friends who are occasionally contacted. Although some people and I are only connected through the Internet, although we may not know each other, we still want to express my wishes through postcards. In daily life, sometimes I will make some color cards to the cards. Draw something on it, write a few words, and put them where your friends can reach. I will not sneak aside while observing the expressions of friends when they see the cards, even if the words on the cards are all the blessings that I deliberately write for each person. Even if I am really curious, I always say that romance is my own. In fact, this is only relative to me Buy Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, because I don��t feel anything about the romance of others. Just like the occasional girl dormitory building suddenly burst into a big movement, everyone else rushed to get together and wondered which boy was confessing to the beloved girl, only I sat quietly thinking about where it might be. It��s just a fire, it��s just because everyone��s senses and ways of thinking are different. It��s like someone has to rack their brains to write some articles, and use one page after another to prove that they��re self-satisfied, but for me, the text is just I used to record a way of life. Or it can be understood that every word I write today is a gift for the future. The girl likes to send some gifts when she has nothing to do, but the gift I chose is a small minority. But what about that, I only hope that I will be touched by myself when I mention these past events. I hope that my heart will not change in the future, I still like the age of paper, and enjoy the warmth between the lines. This may not be a kind of romance, but it is a rare feeling.