Walk into this familiar

  • Walk into this familiar library and pick a copy of Jiang Xun's "Life Ten Lectures" on the shelf. From the "Cultural Square", taste and interpret about value, humanity, art, education, emotion, desire, society, faith, and so on. We should always think about ourselves in the mirror, think about the possibility of ourselves, and drop it from the bookshelf. I heard a bang, looked around, and cut through a hollow bookcase, I found it on the ground. I was looking far away from the bookshelf in front of me. Just next to the book, a boy stood near the book and looked at the book. I can probably conclude that he is a student. I thought he should pick up the book. Later, this idea became my eager anticipation. The time is about twenty seconds or so, I found the boy walking away. I am fortunate to hope that the next person passing by will find this fallen book and may pick it up. Even if I can't read the title of the book. In this way, one person has passed. The book is still lying. Then the second person passed, followed by the third, fourth... In about three minutes, a total of eight people passed. Among them, there are children, and parents who accompany their children have rushed through Marlboro Red 100S Carton. They all walked by the edge of the book Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale. Some even took a lot of steps Cigarette Wholesale. From the book, I have to be a bystander. I found it, but I am also indifferent? I put down my life. Ten lectures, get up, and then bypass the two bookshelves to come to the book, this process takes only one minute, about twenty steps Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. I feel like I am racing, and time, running with myself. Before the next person passed by, I quickly picked up the book from the ground and placed him on the shelf. It is quietly there, looking at the people who come here, of course, including everyone, including me, this is my fate with the book. I know this book, Mr. Jia Pingwa's "With Lights". Every one of us who came close to the library walked into a world, a spiritual world, from a strange book. Books, our mentor and friend. They fill the human spiritual world, change us, and change every aspect of our lives. It should not fall to the ground and should not be ignored. I saw, I saw it waiting quietly, waiting. Calling Wholesale Cigarettes Online, calling us to approach civilization, close to the world we really want, the world we yearn for. After leaving the library, I have been thinking about such a question. Why do we go through the books? It is worthy of each of us to ponder that today is the Children's Day. We usually do what the children do, how the children learn, how they will do it. . Give me more thoughts, every child, like the sun, surrounded by love, care for the heart. May every child grow up healthily and the spiritual world will be abundant, which will become what parents expect.