Sunlight is the tentacles

  • Sunlight is the tentacles of life, crawling the earth in the early morning; the sun is a warm wing, holding you in the evening. Respect the sun! Because it is diving into your life, moisturizing your heart. The coat wrapped in the coat has just faded, the white hair is still in the body, the earth seems to have not awakened from the cold, the treetops in the stillness still hang a little bit of crystal Carton Of Newport 100S, but there is some black in the crystal, it looks like a A brown bug, trapped in the crystal, like amber. A trembling, it is moving. Yes, it is moving. It is struggling and life is struggling Newport 100 Carton. Yang gradually revealed his face, red and red. It seems as shy that it is getting late, and it seems that the winter is resting very well Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, and it is about to spread the sun to the earth. First, the whole forest, to the trunk branches, and then to the treetops, the golden sunshine wrapped in crystal, layer after layer, dazzling a dazzling flare. Look, the brown bug, the bristles of its right foot are shaking; see, the lines on its wings are reaching out to the sun, watching the tentacles in front of it, shaking the ground, like receiving a signal of life. Yes, when the crystals faded away, when the sun touched the bugs, the bugs recovered and the life recovered. It was closed for the second time. It was the second time that I saw the thinness of human nature. I was once again letting him no longer fall in love with the warmth of the world, and again and again let him choose to die and be cold. In prison, his wife and children abandoned him, his parents abandoned him, his friends forgot him, the warmth of life, like the cold current of the twelfth lunar month, frozen near him but could not get close. Life is only cold and sad, and his seven-day confinement is lifted and is being taken to the playground for renovation. In the past few days, he was accompanied by the darkness and was cold and cold Cheap Newport Cigarettes. He decided that the fourth confinement would no longer be closed and the death would be completely implemented Newport Cigarettes Carton Price. Yes, the plan is full and there will be no more mistakes. At the moment of the hall, everything settled. First, there was a dizziness, then a burst of white light, followed by light, yes, the sun was laying on him, wrapped in him, leaning against him, warming him, the beauty of the dizzy childhood, the joy of life emerged In front of you. In an instant, the ice melted. God said it well. If you close a door, you will leave a window for you. It will leave you with a sunshine of life. The warm sunshine will shine into your cold cabin and bring you glory. Bring you hope.