My sister, how do you have

  • My sister, how do you have such a temper? Is it going to be spoiled? Your sweet voice makes me especially like you! How do you grow such a cute face? Sister, you are the cutest I have ever seen." Little beauty!"andma in the old house _ my loved ones composition 1200 words twomily affection is an invisible emotion. It is like a slowly flowing stream, sings gently, but conveys the purest and most beautiful message in the world between people's hearts and hearts.have been brought up by my grandmother. In childhood, everything that has been given to me has given me the whole world. The learning life of primary school has accompanied the changes of the whole year: spring, summer, autumn, winter and winter. . When I was very young, my grandmother was able to get out of bed. Because of her illness, she looked much older than her age.t that time Discount Marlboro 100S, she also loved to move, but also liked to stay in the old house, the door did not come out, the second door did not step. It��s so happy to be with my grandmother in the house. I like to snuggle in her arms and listen to her words "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Grey Wolf". The more I listen to it, the more she can speak.thing the air with the fragrance of bamboo leaves in the bamboo forest, it is a refreshing, like a boat swaying in the sea surrounded by bamboo, the wind is blowing, the fresh bamboo green is floating, and it is placed in this bamboo. The world truly makes you feel the beauty of nature and happily squats in the bamboo sea Newport For Duty Sale Only. In the sunny bamboo forest, the blue sky, the sun shines through the bamboo leaves, the scattered photos, the wind blows, the slender stretches of the branches and the light dance, then you close your eyes, you can hear the rustling bamboo Language... The bamboo in the rain is clear and refreshing, and there is a mixture of earth and aroma that spreads out... Take a deep breath, break into the heart and spleen, stay for a long time... Bamboo Forest In the rain, there is an intoxicating psychedelic charm Ciggarettes Marlbore Reds 100 Online, which seems to have a fairy secret...ndmother always pulls the curtains up. She likes the sun and likes the warmth when the sun shines on her body. At noon, my grandmother opened the door and stood with a backrest wooden bench, lazily basking in the warm sun. At this time, the grandmother, with her eyes closed, is peaceful and peaceful, and the corner of her mouth shows a curved arc, which is extraordinarily pleasant Cheap Wholesale Newport 100. She also always pulls up my little hand and rests on her lap, gently rubbing her, like a collector's favorite collection. My grandmother taught me a lot of things: her "granules are hard", so that our children can not lose a rice at the dinner table; she taught me to always think about others, in life It is like answering a Chinese question. It should be viewed from different angles, rather than objectively according to personal thoughts Marlboro Gold 100 Cigarettes, so that it will not be respected and tolerated by others; she let me develop a good habit of closing the door, my grandmother warned me The switch door can't be closed with a click, and it should be gently opened, gently closed, and I will follow it from now on.memory, I love to comb my grandmother's hair. Most of my grandmother's hair is all white, but it is bright and slick, probably because of the hair oil, but even if it is so smooth, I still have to comb. For me, it was a treat! In the second drawer of the grandmother's bed, there was a sandalwood comb. I always love to pull out this comb to comb my grandmother. A touch of scent, so if it is ays hold the sandalwood comb and sit on a head that is higher than my grandmother. "Baby?" "Yeah." "Baby?" "Yeah." "Baby!" Grandmother called me like a child! At this moment, she relies so little on me, just as I love her deeply. When I left her, I kissed her forehead deeply. In the vagueness, I smelled a salty taste and couldn't tell who was. When I turned away from the old , I never saw my grandmother again. Everything seemed to have not changed. It was just that the hall in the old house was placed with a black and white photo of the grandmother, peaceful and peaceful. I understand what it means, but I can't say it. My heart, there is a kind of inexplicable sadness. I didn��t know how to miss a person before, how painful and helpless a personing into a specimen, losing the moisture of life, and occasionally thinking of grandays, looming traces of clouds, whenever you lean on the window sill, always recall the past in the old house and the old house.