One day, the owner was

  • One day, the owner was not at home, and there was a voice in the room. Who is talking? Oh! It turns out that the wooden tools are to be selected as "all-round wood"! wrinkled table grandfather coughed a few times, very proud: "Look, I am so old, the master is reluctant to replace me, still put a lot of things on my back Newport Short Cigareetes, fruit plate, fruit, cup... Can you? I am 'all-round wood.'"t be too proud, you are too old. If you can't live for a long time, you won't need it. Is it only possible to put things on your back? I can still sit on my back! Can you do it?" The little brother of the chair is very Not convinced to say.!" The tall and big wardrobe was even more angry. "I can have all kinds of clothes in my stomach. I can still hold a few things on my head. Do you both have so many skills? I recorded 'Almighty Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping.' The wood is 'almost the same.'itchenware does not agree: "You are all out, you see me, new products, can put on the back to cook, and also put a kitchen knife, shovel, spoon, my stomach is full of bowls, which depends on this, If you want to choose 'all-round wood,' you won't be able to take you?!" kitchen utensils provoked everyone to laugh, and they screamed and swayed.n they were arguing, there was a powerful voice: "Don't make a noise!" This is the obscurity of the big brother who spoke. He said slowly: "Everyone has their own skills Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online, and they are doing different things for the master. No one can be considered a 'all-round wooden tool!'words of Big Brother have aroused everyone's thinking, and they have been unanimously recognized by everyone. They decided not to fight for ��all-powerful gadgets�� anymore. Everyone cares about each other and works for the master. Once, the host attended a sumptuous banquet and had a good meal. The owner slept, and his mouth was still savoring the delicious food! The nose was on the side, pouting a smug look, and a nameless fire came to life.y, what's so great, there is nothing to do, you know to eat."o? Who is saying that I am not capable?". What do you have? I know that I have to eat. Every time I have to let me smell it for you, you will only enjoy it." Nose brother, you can say this wrong. If you don't have me, your master's body will be so healthy, your energy will be so abundant? I am the master's right assistant!"u forget it, the master can't leave me for a moment. Look, the master is sleeping, and I want to breathe. My credit is bigger than you. It is too unfair for the master to be a representative. It is too unfair." Very convinced to, unfair? Which party is not your first smell? Is this fair?!"ore they said the more stiff, the last quarrel, mouth yelled: "I will be without you, I will do things for the master, squat!"om then on, no one cares about the nose and the mouth. Although it is a neighbor, he does not say, the owner was making fish, and the nose was not willing to help smell Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery. As a result, the owner poured the vinegar into the pot as soy sauce, and the mouth was sour that he couldn't eat it. The owner sweared a bit and his mouth was very wrong.other occasion, the owner suffered from a cold, his mouth refused to take medicine Buy Newport Online Cheap, and his nose was blocked and not ventilated. He was so bored that he could only squat with a hot towel from time to time.yes have already seen the contradiction between the two, and they persuaded: "You both have their own uses. If you don't, no one can do it, or you can do it well! The master needs us to work together!"nose and mouth tasted enough. When I heard my eyes, I lowered my head.