If you don't understand

  • If you don't understand, it is a good study habit. If every student can do it without knowing it, then the results must be very good. I have also experienced the experience of not knowing, most of them are asking the teacher. I saw an idiom in a book, sighing and sighing. I don��t know the meaning of this idiom. I want to ask the classmates in the class. However, I will ask if the classmates will laugh at me. I Still ask the teacher. I picked up the book and went to the teacher's office Cartons Of Cigarettes Wholesale, but I will ask if I will be criticized by the teacher. I still can't go. However, I changed my mind. If I don't go, I don't know the meaning of this idiom. Even if I am criticized by the teacher, I must understand the meaning of this idiom. I thought for a while, and finally dismissed my concerns and walked quickly to the teacher's office. When I got to the door, my heart was like 15 buckets of water �C seven up and down. When I walked into the office, the teacher asked me: "Cao Xiaoyang, what are you doing?" I said: "I don't understand the meaning of an idiom." The teacher said happily: "I don't understand the question to ask the teacher, the teacher is really happy. What problem? "I said: "Wang Yangxi sighs." So the teacher patiently explained to me: "Wang Yangxing sighs the original meaning to sigh his own smallness in front of great things. Now I mean that when I am doing things, I feel helpless because I am incompetent or unconditional." I listened again and again. Nod and said: "Thank you teacher." Then he returned to the class.thought the teacher would criticize me for not even saying this word. I didn't expect the teacher to praise me. In the future, I will definitely ask a teacher, a parent or a classmate who is not familiar with the problem. The teacher asked us to go home and sew a green bag, so that we used it for the Children's Day on June 1st. I got home, I took a piece of broken clothes and cut two big cloths with big scissors Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price. When it was time to sew the bag, I had to pass the line through the eye of the needle, but how do I wear it? But go, very anxious. Suddenly, I remembered that when my mother was sewing the needle Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, she first licked it in her mouth and then made a knot through the needle eye. I learned how my mother looked. I first licked the line in my mouth and then hit the other side of the line. Knot. Before the needle, my mood was very tense, because I never took the needle and did a needlework, but I kept cheering for myself: "Cao Xiaoyang, you are a man, you can certainly stitch the needle." So, I started to sew. When I first started sewing, I accidentally poked my fingers and bleed out blood, but I couldn't help but continue to sew. As a result of inexperience, the two needles of the seam were too far apart, and the outside could be seen from the inside, so I removed the thread and re-seamed it. The distance was too small this time, so I took it apart. Then I stitched a lot of needles and removed a lot of needles. This way, I repeated the stitches. I am impatient: "Don't do it, don't do it, get bored." At this moment, the mother on the side saw me and said, "Son, don't worry, as long as you think you can sew the line, And do it with your heart, you will be able to sew the bags." So I calmed down and did what my mother said. Sure enough, I am not too big or small, just right. So, I took a shot and the next shot Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, and I quickly stitched the bag. Finally, I made two straps, and I cut two long cloths and sewed them on the bag. A green bag was done. I am happy to laugh.want to practice the class tomorrow, and the bag I made will definitely be able to get a place Cheap Wholes