There is such a song, which has

  • There is such a song, which has been sung for 50 years, and now it is still singing more and more. There is such a person who has been away for 50 years and still enjoys admiration; there is such a virtue that has been passed down for 50 years, but still There is such an ordinary, after fifty years, it still makes people feel; there is such a spirit, spanning fifty years, and now it is still like a flag hunting and flying Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Every Chinese knows that this song is called "Learning Lei Feng's Good Example". This person is Uncle Lei Feng. This kind of morality is dedication. This kind of ordinary is transcendence Marlboro Cigarettes Online. This spirit is persistence.rson, but he has made many uncommon things. Lei Feng has not forgotten the savings everywhere. He has made up his own socks and made up for it. I don��t know how many times it was made, but Lei Feng still refused to throw it away Carton Of Cigarettes. The washbasin and the mouthwash he used for many years, the porcelain on the top of the porcelain can not see the original look, and reluctant to buy a new one. Lei Feng is like this, bit by bit for the country, for the collective, accumulating wealth, with diligence and saving as the criterion. Take a look at Lei Feng, and think about the warmth of our wear and the happy life that we have eaten. We have forgotten thas three chapters. The first chapter is: in the family, to be a good boy; the second chapter is: to be a good student in school; the third chapter is: in society, to be a good boy. What impressed me the most was the story of Lei Feng's construction of bricks. Lei Feng, who had a stomachache and went to the Ministry of Health to prescribe medicine, returned to the road and saw a construction site carrying out a labor competition. The "Good Socialism" is played in the recorder, and the workers come and go and work hard. The speaker shouted: "The cut group broke the progress of yesterday, and the comrades of the transport brick group cheered!" Lei Feng couldn't help but pull the sleeves, andelp you wore army, he did not mention the bricks. But after a while, there was a team that sent a thank-you lettry day Marlboro Menthol 100S. We also want to do something that we can do for those who are silently contributing, which is called morality. In fact, morality is not just a great thing to do. Just start with a small thing, a simple smile, a greeting, or a young man, a car, and a car, is fulfilling morality. Morality is a spiritual wealth that enables people to truly understand tolerance, integrity, and gratitude, and stick to the bottom line of being a man. Now, as a new generation of young pioneers, the inheritors of the excellent quality of the Chinese nation need to do the following: at home Marlboro Gold, not arbitrarily, not spending money, filial piety, respecting elders, learning to be grateful, and doing more work. In school, Do not swear, do not fight, respect teachers, unite classmates, be civilized and courteous, and develop a character that is helpful; in society, do not damage the environmenth his life is ordinary, but his image is stalwart. Learn from Lei Feng and focus on practice. Let us start from the side, start small things, always sing the song of Lei Feng, walk with the times, and follow the civilization. Human life is limited, but serving the people is limitless. Let us learn from Uncle Lei Feng and be a moral person!