A few days ago, my mother

  • A few days ago, my mother took me to the supermarket for shopping. We bought drinks, snacks, and a bag of eggs Marlboro Gold Pack. On the way home, my mother asked me to carry the eggs. Since the eggs were too heavy, I used one hand to lift the eggs. The other hand is holding from below. After a while, my mother asked me if the eggs were broken. I looked at the eggs and said, "The eggs in the middle are broken a lot." I didn't wrestle on the road. How did the eggs break? So I went to ask my mother. My mother asked me: "What shape is the egg?" "It is oval," I replied. I asked my mother, "What does this have to do with broken eggs?" Mom asked me to put two eggs together and put them together. I have been fighting for a long time but I have not succeeded in it. I can only make eggs for two eggs at most. When the shells are together, I ask my mother what it means. My mother pointed at the contact points of the two eggs and said: "The key to breaking the eggs is at this point of contact." My mother saw that I could understand and understand: "The contact of eggs Carton Of Marlboro Reds." There are a lot of points, the contact area between the egg and the egg is very small, although the contact area is small, but the force is very large, so the egg is broken. Then the mother asked me to put an egg on the table, let I used the nib to tie it, and I was pierced w are also many scientific reasons in our lives, waiting for us to explore and learn!ving in an era of advanced technology: a tall building rises from the ground Newport Cigarettes Price, and an asphalt road is full of water. People have computer TV and life is more comfortable. However, just as we enjoyed the convthings, and the bad habit of throwing garbage at any place is also developed. This year, our school held a sports meeting, and the mood of the students was very excited. On the field, the athletes of each class struggled hard and won a loud cheer, cheering again and again. The Games were over, and the students were still talking about each other. At this time, I found out that the playground ribbons and plastics were everywhere, and none of the students coming and going on the playground bent down Cigarettes For Sale. However, according to scientific reports, plastic is not easy to decompose and pollute the land. Polluted land cannot be planted. If the land is heavily polluted, we will face the threate not iar with it, and its embarrassing look is truly memorable. Giant pandas are very rare and very precious. We do not want them to be extinct from now on. A large number of timber merchants can slash and cut, resulting in a drastic reduction in the area of ??woodland, and fewer and fewer homes for giant pandas. A sharp decline. In order to survive, they had to be a "hermit" in the barren hills. Here I hope that the timber merchants will wake up and not let the giant pandas and other creatures be disculated. Why do you say this? It��s because people are throwing away and throwing away, these bad habits are getting stronger and stronger. We all have a pressure that we can bear, and so is Mother Earth. Once it is overloaded, nature is on the verge of collapse Cigarettes Cheaper. So let us work together to pr