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  • This morning Cigarettes Online, our chorus students were going to Dongguan TV to record the show, so each of us came to the school early in the morning. We rushed to change the beautiful costumes, and we couldn't wait to make up the beautiful costumes. We took the school bus and flew to our TV venue, Dongguan TV Broadcasting Station. As soon as I arrived at the event site, I was shocked by the fact that the thousand-square-meter stage lighting was shining, and the transparent glass reflected the color of the light, making the stage wide and beautiful and colorful. I couldn't help but make a big sigh: "Wow, it's so beautiful!" Zhou Huiyin looked very strangely at my surprised expression. (In fact, I still haven't figured out why Zhou Huiyin is strange.) Diameter Goed to the middle of the team. Teacher Zhou directed us to stand on the stage and rehearse once. The glaring and colorful lights made me look too small. Despite this, I still sang a melody with a brilliant smile, and the rehearsal effect was very good. The teacher showed a satisfied smile. We all have a sigh of relief Newport Cigarettes Price, and the small heart is full of excitement and excitement. Although I am not the first day to participate in the performance of the show, but there will still be some small tension. The coming will always come. We should go on stage to perform. Teacher Zhou reminded us of some things and led us to the stage Online Cigarettes. When the familiar music rang in my ear, I sang the song again with a sizzling sound. What I didn't think of was that I actually only heard the voice of me alone. The students were only nervously making a little bit of volume, and even the most basic smile was forgotten. Teacher Zhou frowned, how do I feel, is it only me that I am calm? Hey, because most of our classmates are too nervous this time, it leads to malfunctions and makes the performance fail. Now I can only comfort myself and prepare for the next performance.Today, Zhou Huiyin and Zhou Huiyin will use the form of ppt to make the homework that Peng teacher has arranged. The collection of small poems is extraordinary. The difference between me and Zhou Huiyin is that I like to use it for nearly three hours Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Masterpiece. theme of the sixth unit is "Into the world of poetry". The teacher must ask us to make a collection of poems that must first have a poet's introduction and about the ancient poems or modern poems he created. After thinking about it for a while, Zhou Huiyin decided to take Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi and Ai Qing as the "guest" poets in this small poetry collection. Then we quickly took advantage of it. After fifteen minutes of creating a children's poem written by myself, after conceiving the contents of the entire ppt, we began to work ��work��. of all, what is the name of the small poetry we made this time? Called "Into the World of Poetry", copy the theme of Unit 6 intact? No, too old, no new ideas. Then it is called "the ocean of Changyou poetry"? Amount, no, not good at all, and not unique. If more than half of the classmates in the class are named after this name, then isn't it? As we struggled to think hard, Zhou Huiyin suddenly found the New World and said loudly: "I remembered! I once saw this topic in a book, "Poetry Sea"! That's right! This is the theme!" I heard, and quickly agreed to this wonderful idea Marlboro Lights. catalog, editor's words, poet's introduction. We did a good job and did not stop at the pace of "stopping the road". Suddenly, "Hey! Don Ivan! Oops! You think, how does this ancient poem appear poetic in this ppt, and can be integrated into the scene at the time, making this poem alive?" I thought a lot, it seems to be a Question, but...oh, wait, I have a solution! I quickly used the fastest speed in the search bar to put "pictures under the moon (Li Bai)." Sure enough, a search showed one poem with pictures (the scene where Li Bai wrote poetry at the time) and "The Secession under the Moon". Haha! That's great! I quickly set the picture as a background of a ppt, and then copied the "Monthly Under the Moon" into that picture, a slightly poetic "Monthly Discretionary" is such an excellent map and complete!