"Shashasha", the yellow leaves

  • "Shashasha", the yellow leaves have fallen, like a flying yellow butterfly; vibration wings, like a cheerful serenade... These wonderful sounds seem to say "Autumn is coming!walked into the autumn fields. In the fields Marlboro Gold Pack, there were "squeaking, smashing" the sound of cutting wheat, hearing the sound of the plants talking, and hearing the sound of the grain Marlboro Red. The sorghum sorghum, golden wheat, and full soybeans make up the sound of the fieldwalked into the orchard. In the orchard, there are the sounds of picking fruits from the cockroaches and cockroaches. There are pomegranates The open pomegranate and the purple toot grape played the autumn orchard musicwalked into the garden. Chrysanthemum and osmanthus are open to the public. I heard the sound of the flowers shaking Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I heard the scent of the sweet-scented osmanthus, and I heard the laughter of the chrysanthemum bloom. Jingui, Yingui, Dangui, wild chrysanthemum, daisy, and autumn chrysanthemum bloom together in the garden!into the vast concert hall in the fall and enjoy the sound of autumn together. The sound of autumn, in every leaf, in every flower, in every drop of water, in every unfolded grain. Listen, we heard the sound of autumnWell~ the taste is not bad." I boasted. Oh, it turned out that I was boasting that my fried eggs were delicious. This time, no one cooked breakfast in the morning, and I fired an egg to eat.I took two eggs from the refrigerator. Then, I put two eggs in the bowl and sprinkled a few grains of salt. Then I stirred up. "Hey, hey, hey, the chopsticks hit the bowl and they made this. Sound, got the eggs, I opened the gas bottle and turned on the gas stove. "Boom", the fire "jumped" out. Then, I poured oil, after a while, I saw the oil in the pot The smashing splashes out, I don��t care about the three seven twenty-one, put the eggs in the pot, oh yeah Cigarettes For Sale, the oil is more powerful, I am busy preparing to shovel the eggs, suddenly, there is oil.��" I got to my hand, I was so hurt that even the shovel fell on the ground Wholesale Cigarettes. I quickly picked up the shovel, quickly wiped it, and then made it to the pot. "Call, it��s a quick step, but it��s okay. . "I said with peace of mind. After that, I put the eggs in the bowl and picked up the chopsticks and tasted it. Well, the taste is really good."