I have one thing in my heart,

  • I have one thing in my heart, some words, I always want to face you, but I am worried that you will be unhappy Marlboro Red, so today I decided to use a letter to tell you about a puzzle in my heart some time ago. I hope that you will not be angry, please tell me, what should be done right Dad, do you remember the thing that happened last Tuesday night? At home, find out the old wok that has been used for a long time. You think it takes up both the place and the home, so you are going to throw the wok into the trash can downstairs Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. Grandma is not willing to throw, immediately frowned and said loudly: "This pot is still easy to use, absolutely can not throw!" Then see her rushed to grab the hand, to hide. When I heard that my grandmother did not agree to throw it Cigarettes Online, you were not happy. I raised the voice by a few decibels. I argued with my grandmother about this little thing. I stood by and looked very anxious. Mom and Dad, remember that you always remind me to be polite, to know how to be old and young Wholesale Cigarettes, but you must have forgotten about it that day. So when I ran to you, I reminded you not to argue with your grandmother loudly. When you respect the old man, you refused to listen to my advice. I was impatient and let me go and told me not to intervene. I walked aside at a loss, and I was both worried and confused: Mom and Dad, I used to speak a little about my grandmother Marlboro Menthol 100S. You will criticize me and tell me to respect the old and love the young. You also said that Grandma is getting older, she has to cook for us every day, and I go to school every day to pick me up, so I have to be polite to my grandmother, I can��t speak very loudly, I can��t get angry with my grandmother, but that day. In the evening, why can't yo to tell you that parents are role models for children. Everything you do is the standard that our children refer to. So, can you notice your own before educating your children? Every move? I hope that you can work as hard as I do to be truly respectful and young.