Why does everyone need immediate satisfaction all the time?

  • Runescape has always been a game that is grindy. This shit isn't new. What is there to complain about? You act like these jobs are a"must" or a"need". Play RuneScape your way and with it will play with accordingly. Personally, I don't mind the tasks.. Breaks me from a RS3 gold routine. There is still 38+ days left. Why does everyone need immediate satisfaction all the time? What is the rush?

    The principal difficulty here IMO is that some folks wish to perform the event for those benefits, since Jagex made it very limited in the way you can progress however, the event itself isn't enjoyable to them. To quote you -"drama RuneScape your way" I think should nevertheless be permitted in an event such as this. They should let you do other RuneScape skills/activities to finish the steps at a slower speed IE instead of stringing bows or producing summoning pouches, you can say train RC rather but you'd finish the task at half the speed or less in terms of comparative gameplay period required. I feel as if they mostly did it this way though to alter this up from every other"profit event money and you also get more doing x activities" kind of event such as the one that just stopped.

    In addition, I believe this event has been trying to make people move out of the way to do which is cool, but it shouldn't be to the aggravation of the players or feel like an egregious quantity of work. I would also like for this to have tried to revitalize and also have players go do content that's pretty much only"dead" now, such as some of those minigames or not as farmed bosses, instead of only general RuneScape skilling that many people either like or hate. This was a fantastic chance to get people see what interesting and various things RS must offer they might not have known about or previously had a reason to try, but instead Jagex decided to have people preform mundane activities that may or might not be attractive or even useful to the participant. You find it excellent, however there should be more options so that individuals can do things they enjoy because, you know and if you prefer the mill, games are supposed to be enjoyable.

    The views on Archaeology of drumgun

    Where is he getting the idea this is really a GP sink. With most items being one period sinks, it is only a thing spout. Money is just changing hands, not being removed.Some folks can't grasp the idea of basic trade economics, so we end up with large long-winded speeches about mashed expectations and unanticipated results. In fact, we had no expectations. People like this cheap RS gold guy just anticipated to resist with time with cash, and they threw a fit and entered a condition of failure, if they understood they couldn't. It is almost like Jagex built a brand new RuneScape ability that was entirely distinct than any other beforehand.