Fix coloration of dinos out of time to get minimal graphics

  • Discord's even worse than Twitter because you have to OSRS gold really connect the host to be able to see some of the content or conversation happening in there as opposed to Twitter where it is all publically accessible. You also have to maintain all the conversation going on in each station so as to actually get any info from any of it as opposed to Twitter where all of the info is in one tweet or straight in that thread instead of hundreds or thousands of messages previously. Both aren't great, but I'll take news just on Twitter any day over news only on Discord, even though they really must step up on using the official website and in-game messaging.

    I know they do (I'm inside it, but have all muted except the information station ), but that's not entirely accurate, because those messages are taken out of context, so you have to go back to the station and read through all of the discussion surrounding that message in order to comprehend what it is actually talking about a lot of the time. That channel also receives a lot of junk you need to read past to get to some meaningful messages - anytime among the jmods is performing back and forth discussion it completely spams up that station using a ton of useless messages.

    Sure Discord is simpler to have longer discussions in, I like it for some smaller games, but for big games like RS which also means it kind of blocks out anybody who just wants to receive their opinion on a subject across without spending hours sitting there wading through the rest of the discussion going on - as a platform for dialogue, it's heavily biased toward those who will sit there all day reading through everything when you have this big of a RuneScape playerbase. Your message just gets lost to the void if you aren't able to sit all day.

    I believe a lot of companies today are seeking to save money by moving their invoices, PR, and community things to Twitter run by a couple of individuals rather than maintaining forums, or client support hotlines. YouTube is famed for having no client service, in which your only option when confronted with a problem is to tweet at the CEO and pray that enough bigger YouTubers retweet it that the company hears about it. I think we'll see the exact same type of thing occur.

    Fix coloration of dinos out of time to get minimal graphics. It is terribly confusing to have a Corbicula Malum that's generally red, yet have it display just as blue, although I don't have the authentic blue variant of the dino. There are more dino's with really different colors in minimal graph. Let the crafting of jewelry on portable crafters. Before it was done on the mobile smithing item, but since it has gone, I could no more make dragonstone bracelets onto a mobile. A mobile machine of sorts to train construction (for instance to buy osrs gold fast delivery earn flatpacks. I'd love a more social alternative to train building than to be stuck inside my home.