How to get YouTube subscribers for a new channel

  • If you have started your career on YouTube or you have started to work on uploading videos for any existing website then you must have a gist of how it is going to help you. About 80% of the audience watches online videos to gain information. Videos are going to be the dominating field in the future.


    If you have just started your career on YouTube then you must know that you have to market your channel. Marketing your channel will let people know about your channel which will, in turn, add views to your videos. Marketing of your channel is very important because there are thousands of popular channels out there that are attracting traffic and subscribers. If you do not have any idea about how to market your channel you can go for the option to buy YouTube subscribers in India at best prices:


    Buying subscribers online from a reliable website can help you gather real subscribers for your channel. Buying YouTube subscribers online is also legal and it will also give exposure to your channel.


    If you already have a website which attracts good traffic then you can promote your channel there. You can ask people visiting your website to subscribe to your channel. But if you do not have any existing website then apart from buying YouTube subscribers online (For more read here: you have to focus on many other things. Other important factors that affect your channel's subscribers and views are content, video quality, etc.


    Here are some points that should be kept in mind as a beginner:


    Add a brand watermark: YouTube gives a facility to add a dynamic icon to all their videos. These icons are linkable and are call-to-action(CTA). CTA means that whenever the user will click the icon it will allow the user to subscribe. Before adding a brand watermark keep in mind the logo, the image you use is of the right sort.


    Create an awesome YouTube channel: Another tactic you need to work on is the killer YouTube channel. If you create a YouTube channel use a proper channel icon that should be memorable. Then create a channel trailer that emphasizes the channel theme. Channel trailer is the automatic short video that is shown whenever the viewer lands on your channel.


    Video optimization: YouTube is a search engine that shows the related videos matching the keywords searched by the user. YouTube has its algorithm and you have to match up with the SEO requirements to be displayed on the top results. To come on top results, use keywords that are often searched. Try to include transcripts that will give physical context about your video. 


    Use Social Media Platforms: Share your YouTube video's link on the related posts. You can also use social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel. But for this keep in mind that do not share the link on social media sites. Instead cut a short clip that can attract viewers and add a link in the video that can lead them to your channel.