Look After Your Pet Like Your Family Member

  • Just like humans, pets can also have different health problems. You should never overlook your pet’s health issues because they can become overwhelming through time. The team from Twin Rivers Animal Hospital is here to provide proper care to your pet in need. Get in touch with these vets and they will support you every step of the way. From complex surgeries to basic advice, these vets are ready to help you keep your pets healthy in every stage of their life. You can always feel confident when you deal with this animal hospital. Just schedule an appointment and let the experts assess your pet’s condition.
    Twin Rivers Animal Hospital offers you top-notch quality Spay and Neuter Kamloops and ensures to give you the best ever results. The veterinary technicians and support staff provide the best care and treatment for your lovely furry friend. They have the latest in equipment and cutting edge spay/neuter surgery techniques to ensure the best ever experience for your furry friends. Spaying and neutering are very important for a pet’s overall well-being. This is the best way to control the pet homelessness crisis. Thanks to Spay and Neuter Kamloops, both males and females can avoid certain cancers. This service will significantly decrease the risk of cancers that affect the reproductive organs. Remember that pets who don’t have cancer live longer. Spaying and neutering also help to reduce the number of pets on the streets. By spaying or neutering your dog or cat, you can make sure that your pet won’t contribute to the overpopulation problem. You will also notice behavioral benefits when you opt for this service. It will surely help reduce aggression problems.
    At Twin Rivers Animal Hospital Kamloops, you can also get Microchipping in Kamloops. This is an awesome service which means that you can be easily reunited with your furry companion if he is lost or stolen. The vets at this hospital recommend that all pets are microchipped as it is a great solution to identify your pet. A microchip is a small radio chip that comes with a unique number. Once your animal is microchipped, you can identify him using a hand-held scanner. Cats and dogs wander a lot and it’s very easy to get lost. That is why Microchipping in Kamloops is essential as a perfect form of identification.
    The skilled vets also offer Vaccinations for Dogs in Kamloops to ensure your pet’s optimum health. Vaccinations are important and the best ever method to prevent infections and deadly viruses. Pets of all ages should be vaccinated in order to be healthy all year round. The benefits of pet vaccination are a lot, so you should never hesitate to take your furry companions for regular vaccines if you want them to live a longer, healthier life. Vaccinations for Dogs in Kamloops will be tailored according to your animals’ needs. Being a relatively low-risk preventative treatment, vaccines won’t bring any side effects as well. Even if there is a negative reaction, be sure that most side effects of vaccines will wear off within 24 hours of the shot. The vets at Twin Rivers Animal Hospital encourage all pet owners to call with any concerns and problems after vaccines are administered.