Why Coating on Pump Impeller is Useful

  • There are various techniques used to repair the cavitations caused in the equipments of machinery used for industrial purpose. Some may go for ceramic coatings while some prefer thermal sprays according to the requirement and properties of the material. Generally, coating on pump impeller is used to improve the resistance of the material against any cavitations. Instead of the machine getting worn out, many industrial people prefer applying it with a layer of anti-stick coating to keep it away from friction and corrosion.    


    Epoxy coating is one of the techniques used while coating on pump impeller. This includes particles like silicon, alumina and carbide. It helps in taking down the level of cavitation present in the material. However, the durability of the coating depends on the properties of the material and the surface condition. Another type of technique is polyurethane coating.


    In some cases, this process provides greater durability than stainless steel. That’s possible because polyurethane coating restricts the permanent deformations in the metal which might lead to corrosion. During the process of coating, one must make sure that the thickness of the coating doesn’t affect the structure of the impeller. Excessive coatings can turn the edges thick and that would block the flow of substances inside the equipment.


    Apart from that, the leading edges can enhance the velocity inside the impeller which can result in cavitation. Applying them on various machinery, can drastically improve the quality and resistance against wear.  

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