How to Make the Best Use of Light in Candid Photography

  • Lighting is the key element of any type of photography. That’s because light is what adds the life to your pictures. Let’s say your pictures have the best subject, the camera angles are very innovative and even the lens is quite decent. But without proper lighting your pictures will look awful and dull. So this is the reason why candid photographer in Pune, Mumbai or any other city focuses and gives lighting the utmost importance. So, let’s check out how we can use light to naturally brighten our pictures.


    1) Utilize the available light source- We can’t stress how important this point is because the available light from any source like lamps, bulbs or sunlight if you are outdoors is what will give your pictures the natural shine. You should make this your thumb rule if you are planning for a candid photo shoot in Pune or any other city.


    2) Reflect the light innovatively- You can do a lot of creativity by reflecting the light. Use elements like filters which can cut light in interesting patterns when it hits your subject. This will make your pictures look drop dead gorgeous with the minimal efforts.


    3) Off camera flash using equipments- Off camera flash gives the light a direction and controls the exposure of light in the pictures. There are numerous equipments which you can use for off camera flash. For instance, you can use an umbrella for adding a soft and crisp light texture to your pictures. If you have a candid photo shoot in Pune or anywhere else you need to make a list of such elements which can help you make your pictures look mesmerizing.


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