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    Another possibility is that the position of the lower leg may not be sufficiently externally rotated, or turned out. "Although this seems contrary to the reader's complaint," he says, "the compensation for a lack of external rotation of the lower leg may result in the heel twisting outward from beneath the leg." This could cause a flattening of the arch and external rotation of the forefoot. This type of compensation will also give the appearance of a foot that is turned out.

    This garment was of Phoenician origin and was often seen as a female garment. It was made of thin wool, probably like crepe and similar materials that are still woven in Greece. It was cut with enough width from two pieces that were sewn together along the top of the extended arm. It was frequently pleated, long, and sometimes trailing. It was often sewn or caught together all the way down the right side with the left side yeezy boost 350 left open. Men and women wore it in many ways. Married women wore it with the corner of the head like a shawl. Older Dorian women wore it as their only garment. It also served as a blanket and was available in natural colors like white, brown, black, crimson, died scarlet and purple.